Autopots - where did my water go?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by MotoBlunt, May 4, 2011.

  1. Hi folks,

    transplanted 2 plants into autopots yesterday, obviously soil was dry. Filled the res, opened up the little tap and the pots filled up to 20mm. They stopped at the 20mm mark. All normal methinks.

    Checked the res today and the little feckers seem to have drunk 10 litres?!?!

    The two autopots are 15litre, would they really have taken 5 L each to wet the dry compost? Is this normal, and I should now expect them to drink typical amounts now that the soil is nice and damp? (stuck my finger in to about 1", was nice and moist).

    Should I have expected the soil to soak water up AS the valve floods tray, or that the valve would stop, soil soaks a little more, valve re-opens, repeat etc?

    Thanks guys, I don't have time to feed them 10 litres per day... :eek:
  2. 10 liters wow thats alot!
  3. yeah, thanks for that :(
  4. lol what?

    EDIT: it's super pot
  5. Sounds right, dry soil etc. Great systems work well minimal maintenance good resultd ay.
  6. when you turn on for the 1st time it does take a lot. Ive got 4 jack herer in autopots with coco & pebbles and they took 25litres in the 1st day. But it does slow down after that. Get yourself a bigger reservoir. I put 80l in mine and it just lasts a week and thats for 4!
  7. i thought the thread said autobots, i was bout to get my transformer on

  8. I wanna be Optimus
  9. I'd have to go with Megatron, but then again I always have been a bit of an outlaw :D
  10. SoundWave for me

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