Autopots: Grand Daddy's on Green Crack

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  1. I've done some crappy half-ass grows in the past that i never finished. This will be my first real grow and it will be done with autopots. I chose the autopots because they can be left alone for roughly a week at a time and i sometimes travel for work. This grow actually started about 25 days ago but everything has been logged in my phone. So i'll paste it all in here.
    My setup was inspired by a dude on another great forum that goes by the name of "Hansbricks." He grows huge autos in his autopots. Easy to find of google.

    Anyway, here's my setup:

    2x4x5'11 grow tent
    3.9G autopots with airdomes
    Mars reflector 96 - 200W LED
    6 inch hyperfan stealth
    Can-lite filter
    AN sensi coco grow/bloom, big bud coco, voodoo juice
    Green Planet Pro-cal calmag
    House and Garden Drip Clean

    Soaked seeds in water for 12 hours until they sunk. Placed in wet TP in a ziploc bag for 24hrs. Placed in small pots as soon as tap root appeared.
  2. In small pots:
    80/20 mix of coco and perlite.
    Buried seeds about 2cm down.
    Watered each pot with 250ml each, 1ml/L calmag and 2ml/L voodoo juice @ 105ppm (water was 3ppm initially)

    Placed in grow tent, lights off until plants break surface. Temp in tent = 21C

    (day 1):

    One GDP broke the surface. Placed humidity dome over top of pots.
    Turned light on to "grow" and have it 30" from pots.
    Temp = 24C
    RH = 39%

    (day 2):

    The other GDP broke the surface as well as the two GC's.
    Lights remain 30" from pots.
    Temp = 27C
    RH = 37%

    GDP 1
    GDP 2
    GC 1
  3. This is one of the pics that didn't upload in the last post. 20170613_174742.jpg
  4. Day 6:

    Bloom switch turned on.
    Lights lowered to 23" above plants. Plants responded and started praying like good little slaves.
    Added 6inch circulation fan.
    Temp: 25-29C
    RH: 30-38%
  5. (day 7):

    First water.
    250ml each: 2ml/L voodoo, 1ml/L calmag, 1ml/L sensi A+B
    Water ppm = 2
    With calmag = 97
    With voodoo = 101
    With Sensi A+B = 321
    Foliage sprayed.
    Temp: 26-29C
    RH: 29-34%
  6. (day 8):

    Lowered lights to 20" from plants.
    High temps even with tent open.

    Hooked up 6 inch circulation fan to 6 inch duct temporarily to help exhaust hot air. Fackin ghetto ventilation for now, but it works.
    Temp: 28C
    Check out this dirt bag setup:
  7. (day 11):

    2nd water.
    250ml each: 2ml/L voodoo, 1ml/L calmag, 1ml/L sensi A+B
    Water ppm = 2
    With calmag = 112
    With Sensi A+B = 365
    Foliage sprayed.
    Temp: 29C
    RH: 27%
  8. (Day 15):

    Plants drooping a bit. I'm guessing they need water or they're root bound.
    Roots also coming out of the bottom of pots.

    3rd water.
    300ml each: 2ml/L voodoo, 1ml/L calmag, 1ml/L sensi A+B
    Water ppm = 2
    With calmag = 115
    With Sensi A+B = 364
    Foliage sprayed.
    Temp: 29C
    RH: 30%

    Light 18.5 - 19" from plants

    Transplanted about 15 hours later (still no autopots).
    Put a bit of coco/perlite mix in bottom of new pots. Placed small pot inside and put mix all around it to make a mold. Used a butter knife along edges, flipped upside down and tapped bottom of pot with finger tip.
    Plants were getting root bound. Lots of good root growth. Probably not under-watered.
    Placed in new pots.

    Watered each pot with the following:
    1L of water each: 2ml/L voodoo, 1ml/L calmag, 1ml/L sensi A+B.
    Foliage sprayed.

    After transplant:
  9. 4-5 hours later, plants perked up.
    Light 17.5" from both GDPs and 18" from both GCs.
    Temp: 27C
    RH: 34%
  10. (Day 19):

    Filter and exhaust fan FINALLY installed.
    Transplanted GDP 1 and GC 2 to 3.9G Autopots.
    Watered each pot with 4L:
    2ml/L voodoo, 1ml/L calmag, 1.5ml/L sensi A+B
    Water ppm = 2
    With calmag = 108
    With Sensi A+B = 460
    Foliage sprayed.
    Temp: 28C
    RH: 42%
    Light 17" from plants

    Ventilation system:
  11. (day 21):

    2 days after being transplanted to the 3.9G autopots.

    Grand daddy purple:

    Green Crack:
  12. (day 26):

    These little divas were getting cocky so i tied them down and cut their heads off (LST'd and topped). Planning on turning the autopots and airdomes on tomorrow. 20170708_025604.jpg
  13. Now my journal is up to date. I'll continue to update regularly now. Hope someone decides to pull up a chair. Any advice is appreciated.
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  14. I'm in for the ride!

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  15. Welcome dude. Front row. I'll try to keep these things alive.
  16. They look great dude! Autos are usually slow as heck starting especially with topping. But these girls look good.

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  17. Sorry, forgot to mention that these are actually photos. I need to control everything, haha.
  18. Haha I'm the one who's ripped. I saw auto and assumed auto plants not autopots

    My girl is almost done flowering and has about 2 weeks to go. Other one has 4ish weeks left.

  19. Ooooo lookin nice and healthy.
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  20. Day 28:

    Plants perked up a bit. I feel like the LSTing i did is working out so far. The plants look like bushes.
    The Pump in my reservoir is giving off a bit of heat. Hoping it won't be an issue.
    Small yellow spots on some of the grand daddy leaves. Not sure what that is yet, but i'm going to look around after i post this.
    Lights were 15" from plants. Moved them up to 18" to see if they were too close. Can anyone tell me if my plants are where they should be right now?

    Green Crack:

    Grand daddy purple:

    Small yellow spots on grand daddy purple:

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