Autopot Coco Grow - H3ads Ratio - Sealed Room - GHE Nutes - 4 x 600W on Light Mover

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    Date: 14-Dec-2012 Started 12/12 Light Cycle
    3 weeks veg from clone of three different mother plants
    3.5 Weeks into Flowering

    Notice leaves are looking like this. Some brown rust spots. Some yellowing of leaves. Yellowing mainly of fan leaves.
    See pictures. I don't know what the problem is.

    R/O (reverse osmosis) water
    General Hydroponics Europe (GHE)
    Aim for ph 5.8
    E.C 1.6-1.8
    PPM 1120-1260
    Using Heads Formula for Coco
    However GHE nutrients profile / ratio is different to Heads Formula (more calcium / magnesium / sulfur) than Heads Formula.
    More detailed info at the end.

    4 x 600w agro HPS bulbs on a Light Mover
    24 x Autopots
    50/50 mix coco / perlite

    Temps (day) 24C / 75F (night) 21C 70F (I'm working in a sealed aircon controlled room)
    Humidity: 50-70% (unfortunately my Air Con & Dehumidifier can't get this any lower)
    CO2: 1000-1500ppm (however my CO2 is broken last two weeks and only been getting 200ppm lately!)

    Hello Folks
    I really would madly appreciate it if someone can help me get to the bottom of this problem.
    I've been having this pretty much SAME problem for as long as I can remember. about 4 weeks into flowering sure enough all my fan leaves start dying. Basically they start turning yellow and getting brown spots and they end up shrivelling up and my buds are very SMALL :-( I've gotten to the point if I have one more bad harvest I'm actually ashamed of my weed :-(
    I need some kind souls help to guide me on my way and learn who to 'listen to my girls' as sooo many of the experts keep saying. I can feel what you mean but I still don't know how to diagnose a magnesium lockout/deficiency phosphorous lockout/deficiency anything lockout/deficiency. It seems like lots of things make leaves yellow and brown spots.

    I've been reading about the LUCAS RATIO lately and also then HEADS RATIO FOR COCO so I thought hey, I'll get an R/O (reverse osmosis) machine and follow his ratio. Problem is my General Hydroponics nutrients have a different ration of chemicals N/P/K mag cal sulphur etc than Heads Ratio does. (I've read GHE / General Hydro Europe are known for changing around their ratios.)
    Despite my best efforts I can't solve this problem.

    More technical info on nutrient profile / ration and feeding - more available on request.
    I use 200 Litres of reverse osmosis clean water / 58.2 Gallons I will add 380mls of Micro and 650mls of Blooms (12.8 ounces micro and 18.9 ounces of bloom) which is 7/10.5 ration.
    This gives me PH 6.5 and E.C 1.6-1.8 or PPM 1120-1260

    my ghe\t\t97\t60\t102\t83\t136\t137\t\t\t
    So Mag Cal and Sulphur are considerably higher.
    Is it the ratio, is it something else? I'm stuck. That's all I have to say any questions please ask. Thanks in advance ok.

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