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  1. I was close to popping a creme-tasmo from Mephisto but went with the Purple Nuggets. Heard good things bout the two you have going now. You’re right about corn teas inducing flower...I use organic popping corn for sst and after one soil drench, pistils started popping around day 20.
  2. You’re gonna get some fire freebies too
  3. yummy grape nuggets!
    Nice to have the affirmation on the malted corn SST. Between you and me, that seems like a super early time to try to induce flowering. Adding malted corn early usually yields small but very fast plants. I would normally only do that if I planted late outdoors, or the plant was a beast at 3 weeks. I always wait till 4 or 5 weeks to add malted corn. At the 20 day range I stick to kelp tea with aloe and the following week kelp/alfalfa teas with aloe. I try to encourage the veg as much as I can. That's the key to growing high yielding plants.
    That could very well explain your experience with smaller plants my friend.
  4. Yea I never knew that it induced flowering until I read this thread...was too late then lol.
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  5. so what the consensus on malted corn? if i use in first week of flower will it giv good results?
  6. Depending on how you want to define 'first week of flower' absolutely yes. I wait until they are pushing lots of pistols, then I use it. Once a week, 2 weeks in a row and that's it. Its so hard to really call the life stages when you are used to talking about photos cause its pretty cut and dry. Hope that made sense.
  7. I wanted to clarify my explanation and poor terminology with some pics. I don't add SST's when they show sex, I wait quite a while. Here are some close ups of the top of my 'Fugue State' by "Mephito Genetics" at 25 days.
    This is what too early looks like.
    Another angle
    I wait until I actually see hairs at the individual bud sites. I will post a pic of this same plant in a week or so when the time is right.
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  8. Time for some grow updates on the "Mephisto Genetics" strains I am running. 'Fugue State' is growing nicely at day 25. My new soil mix seems to be doing very well for all my plants. I snapped these pics while I was applying a first coat of vmc over a thick diverse mulch layer. This plant hasn't had anything yet, aside from water, and lots of foliar misting with aloe water/ plain water. The foliar misting really helps the plants grow at the right time. Its also a great way to bring up the RH for short periods of time during the winter when I struggle to keep enough water in the air due to heating my home. If I have a couple or more plants in seedling/ veg/ pre flower, I keep a handheld pump up sprayer, loaded with aloe water. I mist them every chance I get when I am home and around. I use 1/4 tsp 200x aloe concentrate, to a quart of water. I don't have any problems with it going bad over the couple days that a bottle will last me. (I also spray this same stuff in/on worm food and beds with no ill effects, nice to use one spray bottle for all).
    This plant has taken to leaf tucking/ LST well. She should be a great medium plant. Here she is, 'Fugue State' 25 days.
    From above.
    This plant is just the right color green and has asked for nothing. Gotta love easy.
    The strategy now, is to try and bang out some growth quick over the next few days. Later today, I will water in the casting with a kelp tea, and place her in a Tomato cage. Two days from now, she will get a kelp/ alfalfa tea.
    I will post again when we get to that point.

    At 24 days, I have a lovely squat 'Strawberry Nuggets' from "Mephisto Genetics'. MG says to expect a squat plant .8 meters tall and just as wide, with giant fan leaves. That's what I got! They highly recommend leaf tucking on this one. I started leaf tucking this one pretty early, at about 14 days. This plant is on the exact same care schedule as the 'Fugue State' described above.
    'Strawberry Nuggets' 24 days
    There is a lot of initial leaf tucking going on here to open up this canopy. I also just added a COB down pretty low, shining at low angle to really get some light into the lower canopy. I am using a Citi COB shining at about 40 watts. After a day or so I will up the wattage to about 50 watts. Gradual changes my friends, gradual changes. Her is a top shot.
    This is by far the squattest plant I have ever seen. This should be quite interesting to watch grow. Especially the training side. I haven't ever trained anything quite like this before, but my signature tech is just what the doctor ordered for something like this. It will be different looking for sure.

    Also from "Mephisto Genetics" I have a '4Assed Monkey' 15 days and a 'Forum Stomper' at 14 days
    '4Assed Monkey' 14 days
    'Forum Stomper' 15 days
    I broke from my norm return and gave these guys a Kelp Tea foliar cause I had some. Otherwise, nothing but Aloe water foliar and water to drink.
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  9. Girls looking happy and healthy
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  10. @Hurricanetrees
    The 'Double Grape' you are growing from MG, isn't that one the highest THC auto strains there is? Like 28% or something? I can't wait to hear all about that one. Share some pics of that thing, as well as a smoke report. I keep my eyes glued to the web site waiting for that strain to become available again. I would do a special order just for the 'Double Grape' and 'Hubbabubba Smelloscope'.
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  11. Yea I think it has tested around there. Can’t wait to taste it. Here is a pic of her from last night. I have quite a few seeds from MG...Forgotten Strawberries, Stilton Special, Sweet n Sour, Gold Glue, and some freebies. The freebies are Bubbly Livers, Orange Diesel x Annesia, Amnesia x Sour Stomper I think. Got a lot of fire to pop lol.
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  12. That looks right on point man! You lucky double grape bastard!
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  13. Thanks man, hoping to get some nice buds from her. How often do you foliar your seedlings with aloe water?
  14. If I am home, about 10x a day. Otherwise maybe 2-4x a day. The more the merrier. Getting those plants wet, and leaves heavy make the plants strong. There is a dozen other reasons too. Remember, I am in low humidity this time of year. If you are cool and damp, this might not be for you.
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  15. Time for a "Cream of the Crop", update. The 'Cash Crop' is running hard in flower. She is white and sticking as hell.
    She is about 56 days, 'Cash Crop'
    This is a great time to show how that branch bending starts to pan out.
    This was a lower branch about 2 weeks ago.
    Here is a lower branch now.
    I think this girl still has plenty of time to really put on some more bulk yet. Here is nice shot of the cola. Very white.
    I suspect this will go another 20 days and be pretty good sized. I will keep ya posted. I have done very little this grow. Just some teas toward the middle and some top dress of vmc over mulch, otherwise, tap water.
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  16. Some baby bud pics of the Double Grape
    6ED99391-68D2-4167-956E-7E6DEA0B9D2B.jpeg 716CCFA9-E0CF-4567-91A3-ECE154AE28BD.jpeg 1331F7CB-9E7C-4BBC-A6CC-B8E08B2CE954.jpeg
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  17. Once again, I am sorry to have been away so long. In case you missed it, I got a job in August, so I have been very busy. Plus they don't test, and my most recent grow overall went really well, so been stoned a lot. And busy with the vegetable garden, etc. Anyway, I have some pictures from my previous grow. Blackberry Kush, CBD Crack and Blue Dream, all by Fast Buds. Here are some of the BD, which went all hempy on me:
    shortly after topping
    she's the one on the middle, at the back.
    All 3.jpg
    Here she is before I take her down. Didn't take any pics other than the 2 above during the grow. 1 Qt mason jar for scale. you can see the brown on top where she grew into my light, and the colas that were growing around it.
    whole plant.jpg
    Closeup of one of the colas. as you can see, few if any pistils
    close up.jpg
    Closeup of a node. You can see a few preflowers in this picture.

    This round I am growing just one BD. I amended the pot with about an inch of homemade worm castings and used the trim as mulch. There was a lot of trim due to the non-flowering BD but it's starting to break down. I had also chopped and dropped the clover, but it has broken through. What an incredible plant, only 2 seeds grew into seedlings, and now they are carpeting the entire container.
    Pics soon I hope.
  18. Time for some weekly updates on the 'Mephisto Genetics' strains I'm running. The "Fugue State" is coming along nicely, just about to hit full blown flower. This plant has taken to my training extremely well. The pinning is growing out some great lower branches, and really opened up the inside canopy. This is one is exactly how I like them. There should be no popcorn on this one. Just to see how much she has gained in a week, here is last week.
    and today at 32 days,
    On another note, the question of when to add blue corn sst has come up a couple times. This plant is just a couple days early for that. When you see just the pairs of hairs at the bud sites, the plant is close, but still a little early. I am going to hold off a little longer, as I want her to grow as much as possible.
    This is my "Strawberry Nuggets" at 31 days.
    This is still the squattest most unusual plant I have grown. With good pinning tech, and a low angle COB I have all the great little side branches emerging. I would actually be kind of worried about a plant looking like this, but this is what MG says it should look like, and all the pics I have seen on the net look like this as well. I am super excited for this strain, it is supposed to be off the charts. I have some caging to do on the younger MG plants, I will post some pics of the next.
  19. Looking good, OS! The Fugue girl is taking off and the nuggets is a squatty thick girl. You’re gonna be happy with these two.
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