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  1. Alright, so the other day I was thinking of watering methods I could use on my outdoor grow for this summer to minimize the amount of trips I need to take to the grow spot. I believe I have come up with a solid idea. So, with my sub par paint skills I threw together this basic outline


    It consists of a bucket hanging in a tree with multiple hoses in the bottom of it. One running to each of the plants. The tube would be buried a few feet down next to each of the plants and then the bucket would be filled with water and the top would be put on it. A hole or 2 would be poked in the top to allow air to enter as water exits.

    The idea is that as water evaporates from the soil or is absorbed by the roots of the plant, it would be replaced by water from the bucket running down through the tubes. So.. the soil around the root system of these plants should remain saturated at all times.

    Correct me if I'm wrong.

    If this idea is sound, ferts could be added directly to the water in the bucket and each plant would receive a pretty equal distribution. This would also reduce the amount of times that one would have to travel to their plot and the amount of time you need to spend at the plot becuse you're only filling up one bucket as opposed to individually watering each plant.

    This has probably been done, but just throwing it out here to either be confirmed or denied.
  2. Really... No one finds this remotely interesting...

  3. Bahahahahahah.....+rep
  4. Just curious, how is the flow going to be controlled? Just by how dry the dirt is around it?
  5. I don't think its going to work like you think it is. You're going with the automatic waterer globes theory I guess but there will be alot more weight/presure with your bucket setup so it will drain out too fast. My main concern is that you're putting up a large red flag for others to find your plants. There are other ways to accomplish this that will work tho.

  6. I was planning on spray painting everything a crude camo. I guess it's back to the drawing board. Anyone know of any other ways I could make an automated watering system?

  7. if you want some thing simple. you could use a 5gallon bucket one main line attach 2 or 3 water spikes per plant...
    but realistically 5 gallons is small.....
    you also have to PH correct your water.. unless you account for it in your soil mix.....:cool:

    how many plants do you plan on flowering out?? 3?
  8. 12v battery, timer,small panel solar panel,hose, ive seen some with drippers.
  9. oooop forgot, you need a water pump too : P
  10. if you are trying to make a gaint Aqua Globe waterer, you need to have no holes in the top of the bucket.

    The way the aqua globes work is that as the soil at the end drys out it allows an air bubble to move up the water tube and let some of the water out. As long as the soil is moist it will cause a seal at the bottom of the tube and no water will come out because of the air vacuum in the upper section.

    So I think for your setup to work you would need to leave the top intact and use small tubing such as fish tank air line tubing.

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