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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Foundas, Feb 17, 2003.

  1. hey guys... starting from now, i'm an "active member" of this forum since the growing experiment has started. I do recommend the guy delivers the light on the next day and even throws a hanging kit for free. I'm starting my experiment with one Misty and an AK47.

    They are growing in peat pots and within 7 days already have delevoped their true leaves.

    two question guys.. I'm using a 250W HPS lamp and last night i noticed that after 5 hours, the soil and pots were dry. How do you handle this guys? Do you use any kind of a system to automatic water the plants? maybe one drop every 10 minutes or something??

    and last, when should i start use fertilizer? which one do you recommend?


  2. well??? :)

  3. so ya want a quick answer. how often are your timers set up tp water ?
  4. critter, actually that's my question. do you use any king of automatic watering?

  5. depends on what grow medium ya use as to how often ya water .With soil ya should let it dry a bit on top not to much ,remembering the light drys out the soil .l only grow hydro so l carnt help ya to much.don,t over fert and flush regular.
  6. Yes plants in small pots under powerful lights do need watered a lot, though once a day is usually enough. If they dry out completely quicker than that, try raising the light a bit. Once they get to about 6-7 inches, they can be transplanted to a bigger pot which will need less frequent watering. As far as ferts go, wait till they are 3-4 weeks old and look in the shops for a product that has a high Nitrogen content. Use this at half strength maybe every third watering.
    Best of luck.

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