Automatic vs. manual transmision

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  1. I usually prefer manual. It makes driving funner, automatic is just boring. Having more control over your car feels better.
  2. FUCK automatics
  3. I'll take a manual anyday my camero was manual, my mustang was manual my blazer was manual the only non manual vehicle I have had is the Spectra 5 SX my girlfriend and I own now because she couldnt handle it in the Boston traffic when we were there for years too much stopping and going she said. I didnt care but sometimes you gotta let a woman get her way right.
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    I personally prefer automatic, unless your car is actually fast. I like luxury cars. I got a 89 buick regal with big fat comfy leather seats and touchscreen controls (stock, a digital touchscreen in 89 was some serious top of the line shit, it looks like the old apple computers, all green font). 98% of the time i'm driving, i'm high on something, so i like to just sit back and relax and not really have to concentrate on driving to much, other than whats in front of me. I won't be driving until around 7/2011 though, god damn DUI's. I definitely deserved them though, especially the 2nd one, I had a friend who coulda drove, but xanax will make you think everythings ok.
  5. Manual > Automatic..unless your current job is gets old quick.
  6. Fuck automatic. That shit is for lil bitches. I taught myself how to drive manual. That consisted of me sitting down in the driver seat, and fuckin goin like a bat out of hell. I played alot of racing games, so i knew what rpms meant and shit. I also watched my dad drivemanuals my whole life. Shit is easy to do. Dont understand how my mom cant figure out where the gears are. Always try and put the bitch in 3rd or 4th.
  7. Manual when I'm here in Utah, automatic when I'm back home in DC. Sitting in traffic with a manual is too much of a pain.
  8. I have only driven automatic but I love to drive and I really want to learn to drive manual. It's hard to find people with manual cars though.
  9. Even though I can barley drive them I pick manual. The only thing I use an automatic for is when I have to drive for a long time like I do now. Manuals get real old real fast if your having to start then stop for about and hour at red lights.

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