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  1. Hello all and happy new year!!

    My 2nd grow is just about ready to go, i am sticking with auto's and this time round going with.

    1 auto acid
    1 pandora
    1 automaria II
    1 auto whiteberry

    All straight out the wrapper and in to 5 gal pots with bio bizz all mix tonight.. My tent isn't set up yet but i will be on with that no later than tomorrow. Hoping they will all break the surface an be ready for the switch on by tuesday.. Does anyone have any experience with any of these seeds? Cheers.
  2. Whiteberry is so fingn bomb dude...
    I grew one on my windowsil. It was the most succulently sweet smoms ever. Just tossed it into a little miracle gro.and off she went
  3. Hey jeff glad to hear it i hope in 10 or so weeks i will be sitting on top of a pile of it.. I've heard some good things about the pandora an automaria but not much on the other 2 but i think that's down to them being fairly new out..
  4. Tent an all my other kit is now set up and running !! just got to run it for a few hours to get it all dialled in an up to temperature.. Beans have been in for 2 days so hopefully won't be to much longer until i have 4 new seedlings

    Here's a few pics of my setup..


  5. Quick update!

    Pandora popped up last night and whiteberry came through this morning...
    Remaining two shouldn't be far behind them :)
  6. My auto Maria II hasn't popped after being in for 6 days so i am going to put another one in to take its place.. I have a vertigo, an auto wappa, and another one of each of the acid, pandora and auto Maria II. May have to play a game of ip dip your not it out of the vertigo, wappa and auto Maria II cos i can't make my mind up what one to go with!!

    Here's a few pics of my little girls at day 1/2






  7. I ended up sticking a vertigo in its place.. Also ordered a litre of alg-a-mic that will hopefully deal with the yellowing ye get when using all mix.. Seedlings are on day 4 and doing well with steady growth. Humidity is a little low when lights are on it stays around the 35% mark. Another 10% or more would be nice tho!!
  8. Update on day 6.. Seedlings are doing great an look nice an healthy.. Temps are staying between 72/76 an RH is in the low to mid 30s.. The vertigo i put in popped through the soil yesterday it took just 2.5 days to sprout without germination..

    A few pics of there progress :)




  9. Well this is the start of day 10 an all is looking well.. I'm certainly not going to be struggling with high temps this time round with it being so cold outside, my concern this time round is my lights out temps of around 58/59.. Lights on temp is floating around 75.. Anyone experienced low night temps or think the low temps will give me a problem?

    Pics are #1 pandora #2 whiteberry #3 acid
    and #4 vertigo on day 5




  10. Subbed! & reped
  11. Update at day 14 and 10

    All is going well an am glad to say i have no issues with any of my plants.. Growth is coming along nice an i can see a noticeable difference in them every day now.. Got my first water coming up in the next day or so so I've got 20 litres in a bucket with an air stone bubbling away.. Think i will just hit them with a quarter strength bio grow an half strength root juice for now but i plan on building that up to full strength in a few weeks..

    Here's some pics

    2nd pic is vertigo, 3rd is whiteberry, 4th is pandora, 5th is acid..





  12. All plants have had there first water and feed this morning.. (4litres each) the acid plant has also shown sex an i think its going to be the most thirsty out of the 4.. Smells funky to an from what I've heard they can grow pretty large..

    All comments are welcome so don't be shy!

  13. Looking good under that hood. Are you going to use general organics full line? Its money for autos.
  14. Hes usin bio-bizz as far as im aware mate

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  15. [quote name='"automan142"']

    Hes usin bio-bizz as far as im aware mate

    Sent from my iPhone 5 using special stoner powers[/quote]

    Yep your right. I just looked at my bottles. I have bio thrive..stoner moment. Anyways, I can't wait to see what these ladies got. Lets grow !!!
  16. Thanks lads ye all bio bizz.. I like the range but if these suffer with fast yellowing like my previous grows i think i may make a change to something new.. I do have a few more weapons in my arsenal of nutes this time round so hopefully i can sort that problem out! I have only ever grown paradise seeds an can honestly say i think they are great seed breeders. Real good stable strains auto you should pop a few.. The acid is an 18+ thc content as well.. Going to do a little lst on the acid at some point today with it starting to show sex.. Can't wait for another 7 weeks to pass.. Thanks for the comments troutTalker/auto i will get a lil pic up of my lst attempt :)
  17. Decided to leave the lst for a few more days to get a little more hight on them.. Did try it but i think they are still a little on the short side to do it.. The whiteberry has also shown sex now so i know the others won't be far behind :) i took a ph reading of the soil an it's sitting nicely at 6.7. Temp at 73 and RH at 44%

    Pics are #2 acid, #3 wberry, #4 pandora, and #5 is the vertigo on day 12





  18. Happy to be here! nice setup Nug,
    Your going Auto again?
  19. They look very similar to my girls...
  20. Hey neb welcome in an cheers! Ye autos again an will be sticking with them for a while yet! They just suit me because i can't do grow after grow i pack up after each one and my kit goes round to a friends.. Was going to wait until tomorrow but f**k it here's a pic now... The pandora on the left is looking very bushy!


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