Automatic ash catcher

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  1. The fuck is this shit? Virus..
  2. Huh? What do you mean?

  3. I didn't get any virus alerts.

    OP, that blade any good? Or is it just cold steel.
  4. Some jank shit my rookie traded for a spoon
  5. Huh, is that a Hamm tube as well? And what do u mean jank? WHAT on that setup is jank?
  6. Its a Quicktime video, Apple fail..
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    No, not hamm, a collaboration between everyone living in my house

    Nothing is really too jank on that, I'm talking about the sword the poster above my last mentioned (on kitchen table)

  8. He was talking about the sword that was on the table
  9. Lol....hahahahahahahahahahahahaa!!! Thank god. That is a very sick setup, nicely done man.
  10. I don't trust saved files...Yeah no virus though I'm just sketch. :eek:
  11. No virus, I promise lol. Just don't have internet other than my phone so I don't know how to embed. (using photobucket)
  12. Pretty cool bro, I'd have to try that thing at least once.

  13. yea its not a vorus,,,deff worth cehckin out thou.

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