Autoflowers in coco yellowing slightly

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Couchguy, May 10, 2016.

  1. Tonight is the 8th night since i planted these autoflower seeds,
    I germinated them in jifffy pellets then transplantes them to 3-gallon smart pots.
    They are in coco/perlite mix.
    I fed them a tiny amount(1 gallon total for 6 plants) of seedling nutrient mix strength (halfstrength of whats on feeding chart for seedlings first week) of gh three part nutes when i transplanted them, then couple days ago gave them more half seedling strength about 1/2 gallon each plant.
    And they are turning slightly yellow in certain areas such as the new growth and the tips. Please see images.
    Not sure exactly what could be wrong or what i can do.
    Does anyone here recognize these symptoms?
    20160509_221404.jpg 20160509_221355.jpg 20160509_221348.jpg 20160509_221345.jpg 20160509_221338.jpg 20160509_221330.jpg
  2. Looks fine to me. I used to sprout seeds in jiffys but sometimes they burn the sprouts.

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  3. Tha

    Thanks dabh!
  4. Update:
    noticed the coco mix was feeling kinda dry, decided to give them just RO water with CaliMagic.
    Also the plant's are weak they bend when the water touches them.
    Considering trying ArmorSi, any one have experience using this ?

    20160510_225609.jpg 20160510_225719.jpg 20160510_225802.jpg

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