Autoflowers flower too early?

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Individuality, Nov 14, 2011.

  1. Hey everyone

    Recently I have grown an autoflower (Lowrider #2 x AK-47).
    Currently I am growing 2 NL autoflowers

    The last one was pretty short in the end maybe a hands length.
    The Northern lights are only about 3 weeks in and they have started producing pistols yet its only on their 4th leaf set.

    I have been running cfl veg lights on 18/6 from the begging and just began feeding nutrients now. They are in FFOF soil as well. Ph has always been 6.3 when feeding.

    Anyone know why they start flowering so soon or is this just normal of the strain because I had thought I would have enough time to at least lst or something before it got to this point.
  2. Dude i dont mean to be a dick but, its an autoflower. Thats what they do...
  3. I've looked at a lot of grows and mine are have been abnormally small compared to others. In all northern light auto grows I've looked at they have been much larger by now that's the only reason I was asking. I was just wondering if there may have been something else causing it. No offense taken
  4. Try feeding her more. Also not all Nlights are autoflower. Infact most arent. Maybe it was a slight mix up? Cause 4th node and flowering? Actually sounds pretty normal to me. But yeah, feed dat bitch and push her limits!
  5. My autos all started flowering on day 12 from seed!!! loved letting her reach for the lights..all under CFL, CHECK MY SIG

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