Autoflowers and probiotics

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  1. Quick question on my autoflowers, I have read a lot about using probiotics but some of the information is conflicting. I only have a couple of questions, is it safe to use it on my autoflowers and if so can I use it with nutrients? If I use nutrients at all, as the literature suggests, you need little to no nutrients on autoflowers.
    Quick note: they are in there third week and I use a semi organic soil.
    Thank you all for your time:
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    If you're talking about Lactobacillus, yes you can. If you're growing auto flowers you may want to read the first few pages of Organic sinse's thread. I'll attach a link below. Everyone is friendly and helpful on that thread.
    Auto-flowers do not require much in the first three weeks. After that they do require similar nutrients to a photo period plant.

    Automatics make good Organic sinse
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