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  1. What is the difference between regular seeds and autoflowering speed. Can any one tell me?
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    A regular strain is cannabis sativa, indica or a hybrid of the two and are what are we call photo-period strains. They require 12 hours of darkness every night to produce flowers (buds). Autoflower strains will flower under any lighting schedule and are crossed with cannabis ruderalis to give them their autoflowering trait.

    A regular photo period stain can be kept on 24/7 lighting and grown for in infinite amount of time before flowering, and grown to a large size, yielding much more per plant. They are also usually higher quality than autoflower strains. You cannot effectively take clones from autoflower plants.

    Autoflowers are typically short, hearty plants that flower fast. They are good for beginners to learn on because you don't have to worry about lighting schedules and they are usually harder to kill than other strains.
  3. Thanks for clearing that up for me
  4. Can u tell me when i should start feeding them?
  5. yea im new to the whole growing thing and was wanting to learn as much as i can about autos cuz there harder to kill(or so ive read) id like to add a question( what is are the best autos?)
  6. There are plenty of regular strains that are very hard to kill. To this point autos have lessened potency and small yields. Even if you do save a little time, you more than make up for it in what you get. If I am spending money on soil/lights/nutrients/and all the little things I want the most for my money. If I can get 3/4 oz in 2 months of pretty good bud, or 3+oz in 3 months of incredibly good bud, well its easy to make that choice.
  7. well u do make a good point.... would u know a strain that stay simi small for a box grow???
  8. I always recommend super skunk for first time growers. It is hardy as hell and has a great buzz. Sensi seeds at Attitudes carries them, I think white label seeds might have them as well.
  9. much thanks

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