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  1. Im going the autoflowering route and will only grow one at a time for personal use. Whats route can i go to produce another plant, clone the mother, pollinate the mother or order more seeds?
  2. i believe autoflowering refers to a genetic trait that allows plants to begin budding under 18/6 or 24 hour lights.... ...

    gro that plant a foot or two shouldn't take more than a few weeks. when its lush switch to flower (use phosphorous a from a few weeks before to get a quick response) to determine if its a female. if yes return to veg and let it grow another foot or so. then take some cuttings and veg for a few days, then return to flower.
  3. If you clone a autoflowering plant there would be no way to put it back into its vegging cycle. If you were going to breed for seeds you would want to breed with another auto plant so you would still have the same genetics. Buying seeds can get very expensive but for me it has become very addictive and fun.
  4. cant switch an autoflower from veg to bloom to veg, that would take a light sensitive plant. And autoflower plants are just the opposite, they dont need any light adjustment to flower. You could seed it but fuck pollen and males. So ya got two choices. Clone it before it shows signs and hope its a female that you cloned. Or watch closely and as soon as the plant shows any signs of being a female cut clones. But the clones may go straight into flowering since autoflowers flower from age not light and those clones would be fooled to think they are old enough to flower.

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