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  1. hey guys sorry for the newbie thread but I’m wondering if I can get some more info on autoflowering seeds?
    Does this mean a quicker grow due to them flowering a lot earlier by themselves than regular seeds?
    Are there any negatives on them compared to regular seeds?
  2. Autoflowers mature a little quicker than regular strains. 10-14 weeks from seed is common.
    They are just as vigorous, and most of what can be done with regular strains can be done with autos.
    Depending on strain and grow style, they can produce huge, potent yields.
    There's no need to worry about light during flower like there is with regular seeds.
    If you have interest in autos, Mephisto (order directly from them) is one of many excellent sources.
    The only downside I've seen is that about 10% of them will take much too long to flower, but will yield extra huge if that happens.
    Here's what Autoseeds, and autos-only breeder has to say.

    "The idea that you can grow a weed plant from seed to bud in less than 2 months really sparked our imagination.We spent every day from then to today working to develop and gather the highest quality genetics, while still keeping true to that initial dream of “great bud, that’s easy to grow; Fast!”

    Our breeders never stop looking for the worlds best genetics, wherever they may be. The skill and experience that comes from working with autoflowering plants for more than 10 years means that we know how to get the most out of every variety. We specialise in developing bespoke strains that are easily accessible to all, whether it is high THC or CBD, great yields or specific medical benefits, we are constantly innovating and improving our range for the benefit of everyone.

    Why do we love Autos so much? Well it all goes back to the amazing properties that the ruderalis genetic line possess: Ease, Speed and Flexibility. They’re super easy because they don’t need different light setups and when they are outdoors they can grow pretty much anywhere that they get sunlight and wont get too cold.

    Man they’re fast! Most Autos can be planted grown and harvested in 2 months. With a Photo period plant you will have at least 6-8 weeks of flowering ahead of you if not more!

    Flexible, adaptable and lots of other words that end in “ible”. If you are growing, they can put up with all sorts of setups, training regimes and grow mediums. For breeders they are great as they cross so easily with most genetic lines and retain the best of both."

    We love autos and if you love them too, or even if you are just starting out on the journey, we’d love to have you along for the ride. You can get in touch with us directly through all the usual channels, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube etc or just send us a good old fashioned email.
  3. "Man they’re fast! Most Autos can be planted grown and harvested in 2 months" lol im on my first auto run tangerine dream from growers choice day 76 since the popped out off the ground and id say ive got at least another 3-4 weeks . Prior to this auto run ive only ever ran photo fem seeds and clones earlier on . I will say these auto's are way bigger than im used to seeing , id be surprised if I don't pull at least 2 ounces per plant.
  4. I hope you get more than only 2 oz from your Tangerine Dream auto.
    My first grow with auto's was three plants, including a Tangerine Dream auto from Barney's Farm. I had no clue wth I was going and even in spite of me and all my mistakes I still pulled almost 7 oz off her. I harvested the biggestest cola's / branches first and they dried down to 162g, and the lower branches I let go another week or so and that second harvest dried too another 21g for a total of 183grams = 6.89oz.
    Same grow I did a Charlottes Angel CBD auto from Dutch Passion and a Bubba Kush auto from Dinafem. Both of them strangely enough gave me absolute identical yields of 168g, exactly 6oz each.

    This first grow I ever did with auto's between the 3 plants was 18.89oz - like I said, that was even in spite of all my major mistakes and screw-ups. Can't imagine what it could have been if i even had half a clue what i had been doing at the time!

    I will say, none of my auto's have gone to day 76 and than still needed another 3-4 weeks! I'm pulling a Blue Dream auto from Fastbuds today and it's her day 76 of a 63-77 day breeder timeframe. This is one of the longest I've had to let a plant go.
    The longest I've had to let an auto go, at least so far in the ones i''ve grown, was a Girl Scout Cookies auto from Fastbuds. Did a split harvest on her - did the upper portion of the plant on day 77 and the lower branches went to day 84. that 84 days is the longest I've had to let and auto go. for me, most seem to get ready in 65-80 days, depending on strain. I have a strain growing now, that the breeder lists as 63 days MAX. She is on day 53 now - we will see what she looks like in 10 days... if she is ready in 63 days that's nice and fast.

    your environment will dictate a lot how long your auto takes. if your temps , RH lighting, or other environment variables will all cause different grow times that can vary from the breeders listed times.
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