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    Will someone explain this strain ? Is there a autoflower strain for the N/W Rocky mountain area (cold climate, mold resistant, outdoor)
  2. Auto flowering strains are strains that are genetically bred to possess the Ruderalis auto flowering gene. The Lowryder varieties were the first; i.e.: Lowryder and Lowryder 2. These are not real potent, although the Lowryder 2 was bred w/ Santa Maria which makes it somewhat stronger than the original.

    The Lowlife Autos are genetically bred to carry most of the qualities of the copy strain, only passing along the Auto gene from the Ruderalis. So basically they are dwarf versions of say Lemon Skunk, Kush, AK, whatever it was cubed with. They can pretty much grow anywhere b/c they are fully mature in less than 100 days. Some are 70-80 days, others take 90 or so. I have grown the AK and the Blueberry, the Blueberry took about 94 days, the AK was about 87 days. Research the original strain to see if it possesses any of the qualities you seek. AK is very cold and mold resistent, as is many of the Kush strains.


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