AutoFlowering rules?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Corn Man, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. I was wondering if auto plants played by the same rules as regular, I know they auto flower no matter what the light is, lower yield, and less grow time, I know that's the difference. I was just curious if it had the same other rules, the main ones I was worried about was with normal seeds you use just water for the first two weeks, then flush with two weeks left and do water for the last two weeks, the main reason I was curious about this was because for a 60 day strain that would mean 4 weeks of water and 4 weeks of nutrients.

    Do you still have to do just water for the first two weeks and last two weeks with autoflowering seeds?
  2. to answer your question yes but you need to understand why, the reason you wait a couple weeks at the start is because seedlings get all the nutrients they need from the soil (given thats its good soil) and you stop fertilizing and flush your soil out before you harvest so that your buds arnt full of fertilizer and taste like shit.
    also i think you should do a bit of research google some guides they dont have to be about autoflowering strains the only major diference is the fact that it will autoflower. its a plant man put in the ground show it some love be patient and receive buds lol
  3. Oh, I have done my research, I was just making sure the same rules applied to autoflowering, anyone here who knows me knows I have done almost a year of research before starting, but it has all been done with regular, not autoflowering.

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