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  1. I know you're not supposed to feed seedlings for the first two weeks or so of their lives, but does this apply to autoflowering varieties? Also, when they begin to start the flowering process, do I only give them flowering nutes? Er?, do I give them some veg nutes, too?

    Anybody with experience?
  2. I would give no nutes until it shows sex, then go right into bloom nutes and switch to hps/2700k cfls dont know what kinda light u got
  3. Aren't they always female?

    I have a 250w HPS
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    There is really not much difference between autoflowering strains and photoperiod strains. The only real difference is the auto part(it starts to flower automatically). Other than that it is grown essentially the same way as you would a photoperiod strain.

    If you want 100% female auto, you'll have to buy feminized auto seeds.

    You will want to feed it nitrogen rich nutrients about 3-4 weeks into vegging. Once in flowering, cut down on the nitrogen nutrients and start with bloom nutes at half strength. Slowly decrease grow nutrients while slowly increasing bloom nutes.

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