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    Hello world
    Ok, so here's the "problem".
    10 seeds, all from 1 bag from decent chronic, just had a seed issue.
    7 veg nicely under 24 hour light for 4 weeks then 18/6 for another week, no solid evidence for sexing yet. All of these 7 look similar.

    The last 3 are the cause of this post.
    1) This was the fastest growing of all seedlings. Within 2 weeks fully formed pollin sacks were on the pits where branches come from the stem. The color is deeper green than the first 7, and now after living for just 1 month there are opened pollin sacks everywhere. This plant has never had 12/12 light.

    2) This was one of the slowest to actually sprout. It missed out on the first 2 weeks of light because it was still sprouting. Now it is only about 4 inches tall and has about 3 levels of nodes. There are HUGE female pistols on every branch coming off the stem. I can count 8-10 pistols already on the biggest groups of them. This plant has never had 12/12 light.

    3) My favorite plant I've ever seen. This plant was just like (2), except she sprouted right away and was growing just as fast as the male. Now she is still less than a foot tall, but just like (2), she has female pistols EVERYWHERE and they are getting bigger. There are fully formed trichomes down all the leaves around the pistols too. Never been on 12/12 light.

    If anyone has more understanding on auto flowering plants please share your knowledge.

    Should I mate (1) and (3)? Any ideas on the strain? The leaves on the 3 auto-flowering ones are thin, spaced far apart, purple leave stems, but not a purple stem, dark green leaves, and the jagged edges are at 90 degree angles down the leaves. Plant (3) also has some mutated tips of the leaves where they branch into 2 leaf tips at the end.

    ANY thoughts/ideas/experiments/information would be greatly appreaciated.


    PS. I can't post any pictures. These aren't mine.
  2. So I read that a cross with Ruderalis is what makes plants autoflower. I'm just so damn interested in this anomaly that I figured there would be some more posts?

    I may be able to get a picture so you can see the drastic differences in these 10 babies.

    Has anyone else ever got an autoflowering plant from random seeds? I also read that Ruderalis gives headaches and tastes like grass, but I'll see in a few months what this strain really feels like and maybe it will help figure out the strain. So far even though (3) has all those pistols, she still kind smells.. well bad and just like plain grass.

    Anyway, we're definitely going to pollinate a small node on one of the best genetics we've got and see what that gives us. Does anyone have experience breeding with autoflowering cannabis? That's basically what I'm most interested in..

    Also, are there better cycles for autoflowerers?
  3. Hey im new to this as well but I have the same situation as you. Except my plants 8 of mine all showed there sex like 4 weeks from seed and only three where male... Now I have one that isnt showing sex at all they all have vigor and they all came from the same bag I have no idea of the strain. I am glad that they identified themselves before too much time wasted on males. Any way GL on the grow... I will be following in case someone with more knowledge comes along.
  4. Oh and the only other difference is now my plants are in week 7 of vegging and they smell dankish and really strong...:ey:

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