autoflowering life cycle

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  1. hey
    so im going to be growing some auto flowering plants with my dad but he doesnt understand that auto strains only take 8-10 weeks from start to finish, but he wants to give them an extra month ON TOP of the 8-10 weeks bc he expects seeds from the non pollinated plants... would the plants die or produce seeds anyway regardless of pollen? im just afraid of him waisting top dollar seeds o,0
  2. check out my journal. i cut mine after 8 weeks, 10 would have been ideal. i'm smoking it as i type too :D. they are fun, quick, and easy to grow and will keep u in the weeds until some non auto's are done. strains vary a little but the potency of some are much better than others from what i've heard. i won't know for 2 months. i've tried lowryder #2 and the smoke is pretty good, tastes like fruit loops sometimes, sorta.

    you'll have seedless weed unless you can stress it to hermie, or grow out a male. if you want seeded plants, buy reg. seeds and pollinate it manually. you won't have a very big window to pollinate for seeds to develop fully. you'd have a week or 2 to do it. seeding a plant also takes away from thc production, so sew wisely ;).
  3. AHA! i knew i was gunna be planting a Himalayan blue diesle and auto white moscow. im soo stoked!!
  4. keep us posted on how those turn out man, im probably gonna be planting some autoflowering plants too about mid july if everything goes according to plans. i reaaaallllyy like the himalayan blue diesle too. maybe start a grow journal to show us the progress:D
  5. Anyone know how long it takes for seeds to mature after pollinating an autoflowering plant?
  6. i just bought 1 blue him diesel from attitude and its not popping and im really pissed that its not. oh well i know it isnt their fault. ive never really looked into the success rate of germination for short stuff

  7. around 4 weeks for non auto strains, but i assume it's no different for an auto. also, they take 3 weeks to show sex. being the plants life is only 8-9 weeks, the window for pollinating a decent seed run is fairly small but not unheard of. most auto's will finish in 8 weeks under a hps, with cfl's you may need to add a week or 2, or harvest in sections (which i recommend).
  8. hmm good info i had no idea thanks . probably well known knowledge im just new to growin with lights instead of the sun:D

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