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    okay So this is my first grow and i have decided a strain and a place and all that jazz. I will post a link so you guys can see the set up and all the stuff i have. But anyways i want to know a few things about auto flowering plants. So i am getting the seed from a seed bank and from what i am reading it says it will harvest 9weeks from seed. Does this mean buds are ready to pick in 9 weeks? Second question is lighting i have been hearing different things about the autoflowers i have read that it can be under 24/0 light all the way from seed to harvest. but other places and people tell me i have to change the light to 12/12. PLease help :confused:
  2. 18/6 lighting the entire time
  3. not 24 hours? i heard i could go 24 hours a day the whole time and not harm my plant
  4. Sup reefer :wave: I'm doing my first grow also with an autoflowering plant

    About the 9wks harvest... seed to harvest length is never the same even for the same strain. You should judge when to harvest by the trichomes. 9wks would be a good estimate, but you should do some searching on the forums on how to tell when your bud is ripe for picking.

    For lighting, I've done quite a lot of reading and 18/6, 24/0, and everything in between all work. I'm currently using 20/4.

    If your seed really was an autoflower, you shouldn't have to switch to 12/12, however if it doesn't flower, you can induce flowering by switching to a longer dark period.

    Hope that helped. :) feel free to check out my grow thread, its an auto northern lights

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