Autoflowering experience?

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    I will be settingup my 5x5 tent soon and was going to make a few mothers and clone them for a 4x4 tray (ebb and flow). Now I was thinking of getting some autos to run while my mothers are growing.

    edit: I have a 1kw hps and was wondering if that was too much light for them or if I keep the temp right will they be fine?

    Now my questions are...

    1. how many can I fit in the 5x5 space? (I was thinking of doing these in soil)
    2. what is an average yield for most autos?
    3. any particular autos that do better than others?

    Any input is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  2. about an oz a plant and 1 per square foot:smoke:
    the lights fine
  3. The more light the better for the autos

    Depending on the strain you can pull over a oz if grown right

    I love the mi5 auto from short stuff seeds they sprout and take off growing really fast, Also finishes in just over 2 months.
  4. I just read a journal for diesel ryder. a 250w hps and 6 plants got almost 12 ozs. if I do 20 or a few less if they dont all germ would it be better to use a 600w light or even a 400w? I will be in an apartment and I need another 400w light anyway for my mothers, but was wondering if buying a 600 with a digi ballast would be more efficient. My 1k is 5 years old with about 2.5 years of use on it. It seemed kinda loud last time I fired it up.

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