Autoflowering CFL light question.

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  1. I did a search, and found some results. In the threads i read, people said you can just keep the flowering lights on it the whole time even throughout veg. The thing is, there was only one person that kept saying this throughout the threads. I wanted to just make sure this person is right.

    Here are my plans in case that makes a diff.

    -going to put a grow tent in my closet, the tent will be 2' x 4' x 5'. I plan to do 1-2 plants in there...possibly 3 the second time around depending on strain/size.
    -Starting out i will be using bag seed, so i will have my CFL lights 6500 as well as ones for flowering.

    My question is - after i complete my bag seed grow and plan to get auto flowering seeds, what kind of lights will i need to use? i ask this so i dont have to buy certain products twice, and if i can, just incorporate the costs into one that i can use for both.

    The reason i am not using HPS is because of heat. I plan to use a 6'' exhaust fan with a carbon scrubber, and a normal fan in the tent.

    Sorry if this is kind of i am a little confused myself. Take it easy.
  2. no one???? sad...:(
  3. I'm wth ya dude, noone answered my help post either about lights :(

    I wish I could help, but I am new to growing myself so I cannot offer much info. I too am growing indoors but in my attic :)

    Flowers In The Attic, gotta love it :D
  4. yah no one helping me out =/
  5. hey bud
    the autoflowering strains do best on a 20/4 light schedule in a 7 litre pot
    them are the lights you will need man
    either order them their or go to ur local wal-mart I found a pack of 2 2700k 100w equivilancy for like 4.87$
    and them 2 lights would grow 3 plants with just them 2.. altho i suggest more
    100w=per plant and 50= per extra plant
    so 2 100w lights =200w so 3 plants.. but id get like 3-4 honestly.. i plan on growing 3 plants using 6 bulbs so.

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