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  1. Hey what's up guys I'm very new to marijuana
    I don't smoke. Because a bad experience a few years ago
    Anyway I would like to try some other stains and potentially grow eventually for profit
    So I'm starting a 5GAL bubbleponics system
    Looking to grow autoflowering northern lights
    With general hydroponics flora series
    But I can't find anywhere that explains a decent nutrient schedule for autoflowering strains.

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  2. Just follow the feeding schedule for hydroponics - there isn't a different schedule for autos. Why did you choose autos and bubbleponics for your first grow attempt?
  3. That's a good question. I think because I'm impatient haha. And I also read auto's are good for first time grows

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  4. I grow autos for a few reasons. Relatively faster harvest and smaller plant. Autos will have a smaller margin of error as they are on a set schedule. Any mistakes will stunt growth with no time to recover.

    With photos, you can extend veg if you fuck up, not the case with autos.

    As far as nutes go I use GH Maxibloom using the Lucas formula. Easy, cheap and a proven method.
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  5. Actually autos are best grown by experienced growers. Almost always beginners have problems with their grow and anything that affects or slows growth can adversely effect yield. An auto has a short and uncontrollable life span - with photos you have time to correct a problem because you control when they flower. I'm not saying all beginners have problems, but most do, including myself when I started. Good luck.
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  6. Do you use bubbleponics setup as well

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  7. I sourced my own parts for a DWC. I didn't think is was necessary to add another piece of equipment (pump) that may fail. Lots of people have success with just DWC.
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