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  1. when the seed company say 45 day flower is bthat from seed or at the start of flower
  2. I would think they mean flower,but dont hold me to that mate.
    I cant get my head around autos lol

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  3. oh i hope not,it kind of defeats the object realy,i was thinking of doing some and 45 to 50 days start to finish would be an ideal for me nbut if it's 45 day from flower then it wont be viable with 18/6 running
  4. The 45 days is the flower time frame. I grow autos. And the girls will start pre flower in a week and a half about. Then about 6-8 week to harvest. Good luck.
  5. Auto flowers don't rely on a light schedule Persay it's mature rate is totally due to the age. And there breed genetics. That's why there called auto flowers. As long as they're kept over 13 hours of light there fine . Because you can force them into flowering sooner but would not pay. Mine are doing great and at under 2 weeks old and on there 5+ finger leaves look awesome

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  6. Don't be in a hurry to rush nature anyhow. The greatest things take a little bit of time to mature into fullest potential.

    Enjoy watching that grass grow amigo!
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  7. I've been giving mine 18/6 light and nothing more than pH adjusted tap water. And less than 2 weeks old.. Mean and green. There happy and healthy. That's what matters

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  8. They look healthy as can be. And for the beginning stages of growth much of the action happens in the darkness beneath the soil. Good roots for good growth. Cheers!
  9. I'm growing my first round of autos and I gotta say... I absolutely fucking hate them...

    Nothing beats good, pure, un-rudaralis'd genetics.
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  10. but you gotta give love to your plants if you wanna get love in return. what would your mommy say if you were some unwanted abortion baby? :hide:
  11. Probably nothing, because I would have been aborted...
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