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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by SweetLeaf04, Feb 11, 2014.

  1. Hey! I was just wondering when autoflower plants begin showing that they are indeed marijuana plants. Like, for example, the first 3 days after they sprout you won't be able to tell its weed. How long will it take for the plant to start looking like a marijuana plant? Week? 2 weeks? 3? 4? Remember we're talking about an AUTOFLOWER, not a normal plant.

    All in all... Your just another brick in the wall.
  2. Dude it looks like a weed plant from start to finsh. Someone who doesnt know what weed plants look like might notice it once the leaves start getting 5 to 7 leaves on em but it looks just like a regular weed plant when it sprouts buddy.
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  3. Just as marijuana plants from regular seeds or feminized, they're all marijuana plants, feminized ones just guarantee you the plant won't be male so you get the flowers. Autoflowering are usually also feminized and just don't require you to specifically change light conditions for them to start flowering.

    Autoflowering marijuana by the way usually is less taller, grows less, but it's marijuana anyways, as any other marijuana plant

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  4. This post is from 2014.
  5. Shit, my bad I saw the other post and I thought it was new.

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  6. Oops was stoned not paying attention trying to help a fella bad too
    Next time will try to pay better attention.
    Later homies

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