Autoflower; when to switch to bloom nutes?

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Growing' started by Sabastian, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. Forgive me if this has been posted somewhere, but I've searched and searched and cannot find a nice simple answer, let alone ANY answer to what I think is a simple question: When do you switch autoflowering plants from veg nutes to bloom nutes?

    In case it is info needed...
    Strain: Sweet (brand) Cream Caramel, feminized, automatics, 65 days from sprout to harvest is typical.
    Set up: Stealth hydro Deep water (3 plants, bubbling, etc.)
    Lights: One 150w HPS, two 65w (300 eq) CFLs, total 22,800 lumens, on 20/4
    Nutes: Technoflora Receipe for success (first time using).

    Currently, plants are 13 days since sprouting (all 3 showed up on 8/1), mild 1/4 strength nutes started on 8/9, appear to be doing well.

    Thanks as always.
  2. I would switch around week 3 or 4 but I only grew auto's once and only grew 2plants I got about 2 1'2 oz off each plant of Diesel under a 400 watter. Never grew this strain but it may work fot it 2. There has 2 B someone on the site who can help you better but this is my 2 cents good luck on the grow and post some bud porn 4 us when your done.
  3. I switched in the middle of week 3 with my auto.

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