Autoflower veg

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  1. What's the longest you have seen an auto go before starting to flower?
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  3. 10 weeks.
    It got huge and yielded a pound dry.
    4-6 weeks has been my average, and I've grown a lot of different strains.
  4. How many times did you get told it probably wasn't an auto?
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  5. I was nearly certain it was, so I didn't even post about it.
    I had another auto go 10 weeks, and it also got huge, and yielded huge.
  6. The one I have that is not flowering yet at 54 days is a mystery and it is the smallest of the three
  7. 9 weeks, I had an Auto Colorado Cookies in 5gal of coco/pearlite DTW and she vegged forever. She took over 130 days overall, but also produced 295g dry, in the jar.
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