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[Autoflower] Think Different - Jock Horror [First Grow]

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by highrhys, Oct 9, 2013.

  1. highRhys First Grow Journal

    Ok so this is my first grow and im setting up a journal just to show you guys how its getting along and if there is any problems or tips anyone could give me through the way i would really appreciate your feedback. i have done alot of research and im continuing on with it. hope you enjoy.

    Equipment & Materials

    Bucket Size - 10L
    Soil - Biobizz All-Mix
    Lights - 300W Dual Spectrum 8u CFL
    Strain - Think Different, Jock Horror [AUTOS]
    Nutrients - BiobIzz BioBloom, Biogrow, alg-a-mic, BioHeaven, Plant Magic, Canna mono Nutrients.
    # of Plants: 2
    2 Fans
    Extractor Fan with carbon filter
    Digital thermometer and humidity tester
    Ph testing kit
  2. Hey m8. I am growing think different as well, we can hel each other and compare. My is 1 week old now and growing well so far. Good luck:)
  3. Hi mate, brilliant iv got a few more pics now il upload when I get chance looking nice and healthy slowly getting bigger.
    Hope all goes well

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  4. Sorry about delay uploading pictures here is a few from day one to now hope you enjoy.
  5. Quick photo of Jock Horror

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  6. Quick photo of Think Different

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