Autoflower Strains and Yield?

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  1. Hi everyone, I'm thinking of starting an auto-flower grow but I don't have much experience with auto-flowering plants. I'm looking for some strains that would go well with my planned setup and would yield around 20-40 g/ plant. They would be vegged under 6000k fluros and flowered under 2-3000k HPS all over 5k lumens/ sq ft. I want to use coir and GH Flora Series. How long should I veg before flowering and can it be done in 7 weeks? Thanks.
  2. can I ask why you want to use autoflowers?
  3. Mostly just for the 8 week finish time. I would like something that can finish under 2 months from seed.
  4. I have a polar express that's pretty big. It's too big for my small tent and is only in a 2 gal pot. My Trans Siberian is a more stout plant but its in a one gal pot. The Trans is suppose to be one of the more potent autos as its mixed with White Russian
  5. Yea it sounds pretty dank and exactly like what i'm looking for. How tall would you think a 2 gal Trans Siberian would top out at?
  6. I got a Dinafem WW Auto as a freebie from the 'tude last year. Grew it out and fucked with it by topping it,DON'T DO THAT, and I got 2 quart jars under a 400 watt HPS. Very good smoke and that plant grew like it was in a race to get done.
  7. Autoflowering strains can be great yielders!
    Their potency is also pretty good and some can compare to photo strains.
    I grew 5 Pineapple express auto's a while ago and ended up with 10 Litre jars full of prime bud!
    Mine were about 3 feet tall and about 2 feet in diameter.
    Auto pounder is also a great one for yields.
    NEVER top an auto, with a limited lifespan this slows them down too much and seriously affects your yield.
  8. I call bullshit
    pics or it didn't happen
  9. think different is a crazy plant man. I would totally check that strain out.
  10. Well my man that is one FUCKER of a harvest haha literally did have to pick my jaw from the floor! I just popped a dp think different and a blue mystik 1st venture with autos so hopefully be a success! Your pics have defo made me more confident about that,

    Your post made my day lol
  11. man, you rule. that 1 big bud in your hand?? i almost feinted. since you seem to know what you are doing, could you recommend an auto strain for outdoors? looking for quality over quantity (quantity is nice too tho!)to be grown in warm-hot, humid-ish asutralian summer....
    cheers and congrats....
  12. Uhh what is OP even talkin about? Veggin an autoflower... Kinda defeats the name huh? Lol
    don't top autos, they dont adjust to stress well
  14. think he means the normal veg stage of growth.. first 2-4 weeks or whatever before it "automatically" flowers... they don't bud straight from seed......
  15. I pulled about 1oz off a Big Bud x Northen Lights auto flower using only 5 cfl. I'm sure it would of yield more if you do it right
  16. im doing 2 bbxnl's with 2 afghan kush autos
    You said above you yield 5lbs dry off of 12 TWELVE plants and the other guy called bullshit.
    Your photos you posted of the grow shows a hell of a lot more than just 12 plants.  I counted DOUBLE the amount of plants in those photos.  YEAH.....THAT grow SHOULD yield 5lbs if not more dry bud but 12 plants grown indoors is another story.
  18. First of all I would NEVER take credit away from someone's hardass work.  AGAIN......the pics he posted with the plants hanging and drying and 12 doesn't even get halfway across the screen.  Didn't know the heading in the post was also a link.  The setup appears to be 4 pans hold three pots each.  The one pan did have two extra pots in it but obviously much closer to 12 than what I thought I saw. 
    Obviously the plants were topped and meticulous detail and hard work was paid to that grow but, my statement still stands with the other guy's.  99% of the time 12 plants grown with the limitations of typical indoor grows would not get 5lbs dry. 
    I promise you I've seen more weed grown outdoors and indoors than you ever will and since you want to include profanity in your post (which is fine by me since I live in NJ) fuck you douchebag. 
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    This is based strictly off of personal knowledge
    I completely believe taviddude.. a scrog exposes all the branches to the maximum amount of light possible. Its like lst to the max so just colas come obove the screen. and its not "obvious" they were topped because he seems to have a grasp on autos, and if you know anything about autos you would never top one.
    Also it didnt appear that the profanity used in his post was directed at you in an aggressive way, which i cant say for you.
    A truly wise person acknowledges his/her ignorance in the effert to learn and gain something from others who are willing to share their knowledge.
    Kickass grow!! Can you please share your nute schedule when using only these 3 bottles?

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