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Autoflower Strain Questions

Discussion in 'Cannabis Breeding' started by Dude3.0, Jan 13, 2011.

  1. Due to a small setup, I am thinking of getting a Short AutoFlower strain.

    1) With the auto strains, do people leave the light on 24 hrs, or pull it back so as not to stress the plant?

    2) Are the auto strains subject to unusual health or maintenance issues unique to hybrid?

    3) Do people ever SuperCrop with auto strains?

    Any advice is greatly appreciated.
  2. 1. You can leave the light on for 24/0 without problems, however it seems the best light schedule is 20/4.

    2. Autos seem to be very sensitive to nutrients, so less is more when it comes to these strains.

    3. I'm sure people have, but I haven't seen it. I can definitely say topping increased yield when I did it... I recommend some form of training method, but that really depends on your setup/space.
  3. Thanks, the answers were perfect.

    I think autoflower will be a good soloution for me. My little grow area has a 45deg ceiling. I'm just going to start 2 seeds every 30 days and have 6 at various stages.
  4. A few more questions, if anyone can help:

    Light setups - should I be using the flowering spectrum lamps the whole time? Or should I run veg lamps until sexing and then add the flowering lamps?
  5. I'm doing pretty much the same thing. As for lights I'm using CFL bulbs. I have 6500k lights for veg and 2700k lights for flowering, although this isn't as critical with autos since they will flower on their own anyway.
  6. You treat it like you would any other plant as far as light goes: 6500k for veg, 2700k for flower. All you gotta remember is they flower by age, so once they sex and start flowering, switch to the 2700k.
  7. Thanks for all the great answers. I have a scenario I want to run by you:

    I have a 4'x4'x4' crawlspace, but it is cut in half by the roofline. I am thinking of running the following setups out of CFL on 2' x 8 Tube:

    Top third - 2700k

    Middle Third - Half 2700k, Half 6500k.

    Bottom Third - 6500k

    So in reality the line between spectrum is approximately half. The top panel will be horizontal on chains. The lower two panels will be flush mounted on the 45deg roof, allowing me to push them right near the light as needed. I can eventually time seedlings to be ready to be moved forward at the right time etc. Essentially a mini assembly line to get some MMJ, and Indica is a win-win in this situation.

    Not sure if the plan is feasible. It almost seems like this could work with AutoFlowers. Any feedback, good or bad is welcomed.
  8. I've done some more thinking, and I'll veg separately using one of those "Tote" DIY setups. That will allow me to toy around with a 60 day Auto short strain, with LST and staggering the seed starts.

    Once I get the basics down for a few healthy harvests, then I'll start tinkering with going into cloning some normal short strains.
  9. Good luck! let us know how you make out.
  10. i orderd some auto flower strains here recently from attitude,
    i ordered Flash Autoflowering regular males and females pf the Sante,
    then i orderd a Nirvan Auto Northern Lights female sd, The 7 Dwarfs Gigantes female auto, and last Grass - O Matic's Max gOm female, i plan on puting the three female plants in pots of there own labled, and the 10 males and females Sante from flash autoflowering seeds all in a big pot by themselves and not sexing at all, so i can stock up on seeds... How much finished dry product can you get off autoflowering plants outdoors... and has anyone tried these auto strains? let me knw if there good strains or not,

  11. did you top autos or a regular strain? im a bit confused?
  12. Dont bother topping autos. They dont veg long enough to make it worth while and will actually decrease yields

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