Autoflower Solo CFL " Box To The Brim " 1st Grow - Help LOTS OF QUESTIONS

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  1. Hey there GC. Longtime reader, smoker, been looking at these forums since SWIM was 15 needing to make sploofs and spending hours and hours and hours reading and obsessing about growing smoking and everything about the good ol 420 haha. SWIM has a MMJR Card and will be conducting my first grow, but due to living situations, still need this as stealthy as possible.
    I will be building a 3x2x2 Plywood box using 2 76.2mm PC fans w DIY Carbon Scrubbers as exhaust, using passive intake, (possibly a 3 inch atrium grate wrapped in stockings with crushed carbon aquarium pellets over the grate side, fashioned directly to the fan via maybe.. superglue then sealed with silicon, or aluminum tape, both?, carbon pads on outside of box. cant find a good pc fan scrubber idea it seems and this seemed a cost effective and simple idea).

    Reflectivity: Will Be Painted Flat White. Outside Matte Black.
    Airtightness: Will silicone/ or caulk around the inside and outside seams of the box seal? or what can I do to help seal, will be building myself so I plan on a very solid closing, Padlocking latch. Pretty sure I can pick up one of those cabinet door catchers at a home depot anyway?

    Lighting: Im planning on having a 3:1 ratio of 65w 27k and 65k CFLs, totaling 390 actual Watts, using 3 Y splitters and 3 sockets on cords, simply hanging from hooks installed in the ceiling, raising, lowering as needed, most likely with reflectors, with maybe 2 smaller bulb, lower watt Y splitters hanging very low and close on each side for lighting under the canopy as well. Or do I shell out 100 bucks and buy a 300w marshydro?

    Electronics: 1 small desk type fan inside circulating straight up, or over canopy, maybe 2 fans.
    I plan on plugging my lights into a surge protector power strip aluminum taped or rigged to side of inside of box, and running that out into My apollo9 timer, plugged into a separate surge protector along with the circulating fans, and exhaust; which will be ran out a intake hole,( or separate hole in bottom light proofed by using a loop pull close system attached, (exactly like a grow tent.) to extension cord out of closet into outlet in room.Is this safe to do ( does this drastically increase fire risk/etc. A VERY big part of waiting years to try and grow was because of fear of fire, my lack of knowledge of electronics. In the CFL Micro Properly built overall low wattage BOX world, it seems a fire would only happen due to an electrical issue and not heat when properly ventilated.) Am I paranoid or is this asking for trouble, in the time seeing other peoples grows, people have done some much sketchier things and harvested successfully.

    Medium: I will be using FFOF or FFHF soil with 10% perlite mixed in, and boiled rainwater or tapwater left out to evaporate. I don't want to use any nutrients, but I have the floraseries from GH in 3 small bottles I suppose if I needed too. These will be in 16 oz or maybe slightly larger SOLO party cups.

    GOAL: I plan on ordering some fast harvest( most likely (45 day) autoflower seeds, probably 20, and doing them in 2 runs of ten or 15 and 5 if possible with a little more light. Im here to ask and get your help so I know what can work. I want too pack as many as I can in my box, and my question is due to getting root bound in the cups, and already being short strains, can I get a sea of little 1 foot or so plants all at once that will be worth it, or should I run a few in slightly bigger containers. I figured maybe that style of growing would lower odor and give me a good yield fast. im also going to imply some LST.

    Sorry for the probably disorganized post im really high.
    I will be updated as I go. Should be fun

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