Autoflower seedlings need YOUR help!

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by burningflag565, Aug 3, 2017.

  1. I have these Blueberry 420 Auto Fems and White Widow XTRM Auto Fems. Got them both from AMS. The seedlings whilst growing fast, have begun to get a yellow center? How do I fix this?
    Anyway I'm just trying to get a harvest from them before the first frost. Thanks
  2. Are they in coco? What are you feeding them and how often?
  3. Coco? And I'm not feeding them at all yet. I just put them in the ground yesterday just in case they needed more nutes
  4. What is your medium? They look like they're hungry.
  5. I think it was peat. But just put the pellets in the ground with a mixture of Miracle Grow compost, topsoil and perlite
  6. Miracle Grow is a Miracle No it's not good for our growing
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  7. I agree however I do use the miracle grow perlite from time to time as the nute content is jokingly low anyhow... also the miracle grow seedling starter isn't half bad either. But aside from that I don't like using any other mg garbage... I only used the seedling starter once but it is a good mix it's nice and airy and works for seedlings.

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  8. Even the compost is bad? What are the best nutes to give them? I can't spend a lot but what's a good bang for your buck
  9. I use dyna gro... I emailed them directly asking if they did samples and they did... not free but still it was 28 bucks for
    1 36oz protekt
    1 36oz bloom
    1 36oz foliage pro
    1 36oz magpro
    1 8oz k-l-n

    lol it's safe to say I have enough nutes to last me years and to top it off they messed up my first shipment so they ended up giving me a couple extra small bottles lol. I only feed 1/4tsp-1/2tsp ever other watering on my late veg/flowering plants.

    But imo that's one of the better bang for your bucks if you aren't picky about organic or not... it works fine for me lol and it's better than miracle grow

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  10. I don't know much but some mag cal could help when the plant is bigger and I use fox farms big bloom when flowering is starting. Also I highly recommend getting fox farms soil its amazing for growing. Best of luck


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  11. @LedRoB82 when do you use each of those supplements?
  12. With the soil I'm using I don't have to use any of my veg nutes unless I veg for months... but I normally start giving bloom and magpro at around week 2-3 of flower at 1/4tsp each and I also give 1/2tsp of protekt throughout the grow... the k-l-n is a rooting supplement. The foliage pro is great all throughout veg if you aren't using a hot soil.. and magpro is added whenever you need micronutes with low N imo

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