Autoflower seedling no middle leaves ! Need Help !

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  1. Hi Everyone

    Need help from u peeps..this is my 3rd time growing this time ive chose Think
    Different auto ( Dutch Passion ) and Blackberry kush ( DP) for the first time im having this issue it looks like pair of leaves that grows from the middle are not there ! ive never seen this before maybe is because of some bad genetics i dont know it hasnt change for last few days except first leaves gettin bigger thats it no middle leaves nothin...dont know if i should get a new seed or shall i wait ? let me know what u think ? thx a lot in advance for all help and advices .. Peace Peeps ✌️

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  2. Sometimes abnormalities are common in very small seedlings. One of mine had three cotyledon leaves and three and four finger first true leaves. They tend to straighten themselves out
  3. I do Hope Bro it looks so weird hopefully it will straighten out ...btw the other Blackberry kush im growing has straitgt 3 finger leaves..thx for quick reply btw
  4. Don't worry!
    Im doing my first grow now,and had the same problem with one of my plants.As you can see from the photo it's not only smaller than the other 3 but also had no middle leaf development.And now-in week one of flowering it's bigger than all other 3 plants COMBINED.....

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  5. Hopefully mine will be same and turn into sum monster hah ... thx a lot bro

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