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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by kirrax, May 13, 2011.

  1. I just got my seeds in today (WOOOOOOOO!), and picked up some Jiffy7 Peat Pellets and a Tomato Greenhouse seed starter tray. I've done a bit of research on AF strains, and know that pre "nuted" soil can possibly cause nute burn/lockout in AF strains, and was wondering if it's good to flush the jiffy pellets before I plant my taprooted seeds into them. Or if the peat moss is a less hot medium, which I can just worry about keeping the medium moist like a normal watering cycle, or should I do a small flush on the pellets I'm using?

    Also, I've heard a lot of mixed opinions on Superthrive, ranging from using it in a solution of water that you soak your seeds directly in, to a drop of it in every feeding/watering throughout the growth cycle. I'd really appreciate any feedback, positive or negative on either flushing the peat pellets, or as to when I should start adding superthrive safely.

  2. Go to get FF Ocean soil. Then get FF Nute Trio. Its a huge bag should go you for numerous plants and the FF Nute trio will last you a while there large bottles.

    I would suggest Solo cups filled with soil to plant. I have used Jiffy pots before and hate them they never really dissolve in the soil. Your roots end up going through the bottom and not the sides. The solo cups you can cut down the middle and easily take the whole mass out and replant into a bigger pot when the time is ready. I used Jiffy Pots on my tomato seeds and one of my planters many a good time later I knocked over and there she was Jiffy pot still intact. One of the reasons why my tomato plants were growing slow..root constriction.

    As for keeping it moist its easy you water throughly then wait till its dry. You you dont want to keep MJ or just about any plant throughly saturated. You get bugs, fungus, root rot etc if you do.

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