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  1. i tried searching and i could not find numbers. what are the average yields on any of the autoflowering plants?
    assume a 250 or 400 HID light.
    soil or small hydro system, nothing crazy
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    I'll tell you in about 8 weeks :p

    Ive got 8 Autos waiting to be germed and grown, on a couple packets (the one it comes in) it says 20-60gs, Easy Ryder is 30-50gs, etc...but to take a wild guess..I'd have to say ATLEAST a half O off any autoplant in a minimal set up (like mine, all CFL as opposed to mh/hps) But if you had the latter, im sure you can get over an ounce EASY :smoke:
  3. I've heard anywhere from 3/4 of an ounce up to a few ounces. Very individual plants, much better indoor yields since they'll take a lot more light. I'm starting a perpetual autogrow in the organic journal section. It seems like a lot of people are interested in the autos right now. Hopefully they've made a rather large leap in potency to match up.

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