Autoflower Question 101

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  1. I am in my first grow and I have decided to add an autoflower to keep me occupied and my hands off the BUDS!!! LOL

    My question is simple. I have three choices for pots. I have a 3 gallon smart pot which is big but not tall, I have a 10 inch self watering pot that is deeper but not as much soil, and I can make a very tall pot from a food jug but it would not be very big around.

    I have seen on youtube that the autoflowers like a deep pot. So please help me as I am new and want to do the right thing. The seed is AutoBomb and is ready to go. It is germinated and it is feminized. I would appreciate the responses. Thanks Budy2shoes
  2. Autos have less time to develop so plant them in the largest container you have.
  3. Smart Pot.
  4. I'd go with the Smart Pot too.

    I had to make this decision in my grow too - I had 3 gallon grow bags which were taller, and the Smart Pots.

    After MUCH reading, I decided to go with the Smart Pots. Also, 3 gallons is more than enough for an Auto, so that's what made me OK with it.
  5. Thanks Guys...Smart Pot it is. I am looking forward to seeing these auto's in action.:devious:
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    Hey not to swipe your thread, but I am currently running my first auto for experimentation. I have her in a tiny jiffy pot in FFOF and plan on just dropping her into a larger 2-3 gallon pot once she is substantially larger. What do you guys think? This is her now:


    Also for more specs: She popped on the 2nd of March so she has been in there for 10 days.

    Thanks! :D
  7. I would go ahead and transplant it. Im no expert but it looks like it stretched some and if you transplant you could just bury it a little bit up the stem. Thats just my two cents;;hope it yields good for ya either way!
  8. Transplant it now.
  9. :wave:Hey has anyone seen my thread?

    Ha on the swipe. Good luck with that auto. I am trying the autobomb and planted the seed last night. I am understanding auto's do not like to be transplanted. It can stunt their growth. So as they have said I would do it now. Keep us updated....See ya, Budy2shoes
  10. I have a care Harrington autoflower. She's 10 days from breaking soil.


  11. looking good, thanks for the info! I just finished transplanting and put her under my LED, is it too soon to switch lighting? I have heard many lights can be used for whole cycles. I transplanted and got my plant on 16/8. Let me know what you think guys!


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