Autoflower Pot Size Question

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    First time growing autos
    Got some Himalaya Blue Diesel X Critical seeds from a very kind bro

    I read that 2gal - 3gal pots were best for autos
    I'm growing organic / In soil
    I can fit~
    A. 6 1gal. pots
    B. 1 2gal pot & 5 1gal pots
    C. 2 2gal pots & 3 1gal pots
    D. 4 2gal Pots / Might be able to fit a 1gal pot in the middle of the 2s
    In my grow space
    What would be the best apposition for the highest yield
    D & B kind of sound the best to me???

    I guess what I'm really asking is what would be better
    1 plant in a 2gal or 2 plants in 1gals

    I have a 6 plant mmj limit here in SoCal & would like to stick to it

  2. Definitely 1 plant per container. Otherwise the plants will be fighting for light because they are so close together. 4 plants in their own 2 gallon pot would be the way to go!
  3. I've been told that the roots on autos like to go deep vs. spreading out, I have had great success using the little 10 qt (2.5 gallons) waste baskets you can pickup for about $2-$3 at walmart or dollar store. Just be sure to put enough holes for drainage.
  4. You should be able to find 2-3 gal pots for less than $2, and they are already drilled for drainage.
  5. Hi All

    Thanx for the comments
    But it's not a price issue on the pots {I already have them} it's a space issue
    Just wondering if I would get a better yield from more plants in smaller pots {1gal} or fewer plants in bigger pots {2gal}

    i.e 6 plants in 1gal pots or 4 plants in 2gal pots

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