Autoflower PC/Cabinet stealth grow!

Discussion in 'Micro Grows' started by dyerm01, May 8, 2016.

  1. A good evening to all fellow tokers :)

    I am looking into a stealth grow here due to ridiculous pricing, so far my box is going to be

    40cm depth. 40cm wide. 65cm Tall.
    I have 2 fully intergrated 80mm cooling fans one for intake and one for exhaust with carbon filter. It is covered in Mylar reflecting material.

    I am looking at certain strains at the moment given the space restrictions, I have seen some solo cup efforts on here that looks better. Say 9 small container plants that yield 1/2oz each rather than doing say 2 fully grown in there.
    Being the first grow i am against using nutrients this time around but i do have access to a bloom and veg nutrients supply if needed.
    I am planning on going 24/0 with a 270w LED light. ( is this advisable?)

    Overall i am looking for a few questions to be answered and get the facts right before i put one in the soil.

    Thanks for your time guys and hope to hear from you guys soon :D

  2. Have you done ane temp test with the lamp and what kind of seeds are you going for? Auto or not? Dwarfs or not and maybe think of indica rather then sativa for example

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  3. Cheers Dreps, yeah its in the title, Autoflower. That was the question, think im going to himalaya blue diesel, seems decent size for what im going for, thinking of putting 3 in there
  4. Subbed bro. Look at Dutch Passion auto blackberry or like maybe a Hash Plant those are pretty short and flower quick too from my research.

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