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autoflower outdoors?

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by pbike128, Dec 27, 2008.

  1. do the autoflowering strains work well outdoors? and do i feed them or water them any less than a normal strain?
  2. I dont see why they wouldn't work equally well outdoors. I plan to try a few outdoors this season to supplement the big girls.
  3. i havent heard or read many positive things on the auto's outdoors. the only good results seem to come from very small grow's where they are caged and "bottle fed" the whole time. im doing dieselryder this summer, and they wont get cages or bottles so we'll see what happens.
  4. They can be done outside and make for good stealth grows, but I would avoid any of the 'ryder' strains. Every strain derived from lowryder (including diesel) has lacked potency. In my opinion they aren't worth growing.
  5. Forget about thye Lowryder strains.These strains are very sensitive for molds.There is another strain Guerilla Gold, developed in Manitoba Canada.This strain has far more better resistance against molds than LR.
    You can increase the potency of the strain when you put more iron in your soil.Iron seems to increase THC-content.

    Namaste :smoke:
  6. I'm also going to be trying out the outdoor ryders probably an AK cross. Probably get some GG also. hopefully i can keep up some healthy plants cause i've been wanting to know for a long time now.
  7. well iv never grown at all but i plan on growing this season and iv been doing a lot of research on auto strains and from what iv read it seems that it depends on the cross that the lowryder is with, for example the diesel ryder is crossed with the new york diesel and the lowryder. now there are plenty of new auto strains like the lowryder #2 crossed with regular strains that do good outside so do some research and im sure you will find the right strain that will work well for your outdoor grow.
    but like i said i havnt grown yet so if any one thinks that im wrong then let me know so i dont get my facts screwed up.:smoke:
  8. Do you have any sources for getting Guerilla Gold? I have done a google search, but didn't find any place that sells them. Is it still a private strain or does anybody sell seed?
  9. i sent u a pm the other day patriofarmer :wave: did u get it?

    my dieselryders came friday. they are all germ'd and are in promix as of last night. cant beat that:D along with 4 more double D, 3 powerskunk, 3 cherokee purple (tomato), 3 chico3 (tomato), and 4 more basil seeds. i want to see them grow next to a couple other strains for perspective on if thye really grow faster or not.

  10. Danish seedbank Zenseeds.com you can find Danish Passion x Guerilla Gold.
    Here are some pics.


    Namaste :smoke:

    El Manito
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    ya been at it a while. i grow a fairly large garden here every year, and put gardens in at 3 other locations. 2 different brandywines, mincart (a local 100+ yr old strain), cherokee purple, chicoIII (its an heirloom italian roma), dutchman, bradley, and others i cant remember at 4:30am:p i am a watermelon guy tho.... black diamonds man....the seeds i have are like no other:D haha.i planted 3/4acre last year, but i tried different varieties.... this year it will be a solid acre of 50-75lb black diamonds. i save seed from everything. watermelon, tomato, peppers, 9 eatin beans, pole beans, sweet corn, pumpkins, squash, red corn, ground cherries, raspberries, and i have a 30x40 strawberry patch with 3 different strains. we can a few hundred jars of our peaches and apples, grapejuice from the concord vines right outside growing over the trellis at the door, and different tomato sauces. i make maple syrup every year on a 3x10 king, and spend at least a few days each summer transplanting maple tree clones from my super sweet "mom" tree:D...

    someday when we move out of town:D ill get serious about this farmin gig:hello:

    and double D is danky doodle from kcbrains. stupid name, but they are lookin pretty good. very stout with purple underneath. alot like viking which is one of its parents.
  12. I just got Joint Doctor Diesel Ryder and I'm planning on growing it out side. there will be a journal on it. So look at it when my friend or me make it.
  13. Love the Cherokee Purple but my fav. is Aunt Gerties Gold or Kellogg Breakfast (big ol yeller maters)
  14. i had kellogs breakfast a few years ago. it was really good, different taste from most reds i like them all:wave:. if you like super sweet cherry tom's, get some sungolds this year. hybrid so you have to keep buying seeds or winter a shoot, but worth it:hello:

    i just like to grow stuff. growing is interesting. it shows you where you really belong in the big picture. we are nothing more than the sowers of seed...a bunch of stinkin rats on this beautiful green planet:D

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