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  1. I have three plants in my grow tent. One Bloody Mary, one Ultraviolet and one Solomatic CBD. They were all planted the same day. The Bloody Mary and the CBD plants are now growing and flowering but the Ultraviolet is becoming yellow and not flowering. There seem to be places for flowers but it's not flowering, by my totally inexperienced assumption.
    What could be the problem? Could it be that the lamp is too near the plants?
    Is there anything I can do to help the plant flower? I have had the light on for 24 hours until now. Should I turn it off for a couple of hours a day now? 20190723_011409.jpg 20190723_011414.jpg
  2. When in doubt, reduce everything to low levels, and raise lights. I think you have light burn from lights too close.
  3. What are your runoff numbers for that plant?
  4. Autos are sometimes photos, flip your lights and you’ll know soon.
  5. Is ur time set to 20/4? I think that’s the auto flowers light schedule

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  6. Autoflowers can flower under any lighting schedule.
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  7. Now that I zoom your pictures up your plants ARE flowering. You can see the white hairs at the tops of the plants. That is your pistils and female plants shoot those out when they enter the flowering phase.

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  8. I don't have them on the Ultraviolet one. The ones you see belong to the Bloody Mary.

    What confuses me is that the light has been the same for all three plants, only the Ultraviolet is giving me trouble.

    I will try changing the schedule to 20/4 but the problem is I have to do it for all of them. Will there not be a problem since I have had 24/0 so far and will suddenly switch to 20/4?
  9. You can't stop an auto from flowering so it's nothing you have done. 24/0 is absolutely fine, in fact I find it's the best schedule for autos and veggers. How old is the plant? I had an auto go 8 weeks before it started flowering just a few months back. I was just about to move it to my flowering tent but it finally got going
  10. That yellowing/browning on the leaves is not light burn, it looks to me like a potassium deficiency but it could be a cal/mag problem?

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    I used coir but didn't add cal/mag. I added some gypsum that I've learned, from growing mushrooms, contains calcium. I read about potassium deficiency and I believe it can be it because this is the only pot that I've reused the coir from since I had a plant that died of stress:


    also, it's the second time I'm having a small mushroom growing in this pot:

    which bugs me because I'm not having as much success with the mushrooms that I actually try to grow.

    I will buy a digital ph-meter to see what's going on now and try to adjust the PH and also not add nutrients to that pot for some week. Any other suggestions?
  12. Jesus coffee drinking Christ get a ph meter! You definitely need to be supplementing cal/mag in coco. And if you dont have a TDS meter you need one of those too. You can get both meters together for 20 bucks on Amazon. Your plants will thank you for it
  13. What on earth happened to that plant? It looks dead, it looked healthy in the previous photo, full foliage, did all the leaves fall off?
  14. Ouch that plant got smoked!!!!! Growing mushrooms is a a whole different ballgame them cannabis plants... don’t try and use ur mushrooms tek’s on ur plants.
    I’d defiantly say you need a PH meter and some classic soil to start off growing. Try some Happy frog and a simple nutrient line like “Nature’s Pride” it’s an all organic self releasing top dressing. Just apply the dressing to ur soil weekly and water it every other day. Super simple. You can use Cal-Mag and Fish Emulsion to as a boost.[​IMG]

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  15. I’m wondering if the second pic is off the plant that died of stress? I mean.... that’s a hell of a difference! Defo get a ph tester and get your soil back in the optimum ph window and I bet your plant with start looking healthier also next time I’d start from scratch with your soil but I personally don’t use soil so I can’t really give you any useful tips there.
  16. There are plenty of good soils that are catered towards cannabis. I would check out the Roots Organic line, their original mix is really good. Fox Farms has really good soils as well.

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  17. I thought promix was considered a soiless medium since you run your ph more towards hydroponic growing.

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  18. Pro-Mix BX is a sphagnum medium with perlite in it; it's a base.
    Add your own poison.
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