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Autoflower Northern Lights Indoor Journal

Discussion in 'Organic Grow Journals' started by THCiaran, Feb 5, 2013.

  1. Hi folks I'm new to the idea of growing my own so I thought that I'd document it here for people to have a look and pitch in wherever! A bit about my setup:

    DS60 Grow Tent
    2 x 150watt CFL Bulbs w/ Reflector
    (Using the 5500K at the minute, planning to switch to the 2700K during flowering)
    Standard All Round Store Soil with about 30% Perlite mixed in
    3 Northern Lights Auto Bud Seeds
    Bio Grow and Bio Bloom (Will start small at about 2 weeks)

    I decided on the Northern Lights because it's my first grow and I've heard it's easier to grow. I have them on a 20/4 lighting schedule at the minute.

    It is day #6 since I planted them after germination, the picture below is after 3 days.

    Will keep you updated about how they're coming all through the cycle. Also I know there are a LOT of unfinished journals out there that just fizzle out but I plan to see this one out including yield and quality.

    Will get latest pics up tomorrow!


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  2. So I've just checked the plants today and they have got their serrated leaves, growing quite slowly though. I bought a greenhouse heater and fan to create a bit of warmth and airflow as the temperature of the grow area is only about 10C. I haven't had to do much watering since my initial 8 days ago, I've just been watering pockets of soil that look a bit dry. But if I jab my finger in the soil it still feels moist throughout.

    So here is a pic of Day #8!

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  3. Sorry for the delay, this was a picture from yesterday, day #10. The serrated leaves seem to be doing okay. Have watered a few small dry pockets but soil still feels pretty damp throughout. The one on the plate seems to be growing quickest, not sure why as they are all in the same environment. Will post an update later! Any comments or advice I'd be grateful for guys.

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  4. Here is the pic of day #11. Starting to think the heat may be a bit low, tops of about 15C in there. Is this slow growth or normal enough? Haven't started to add any nutes yet. Plus I have an oscillating fan I'm not using yet, maybe start in the next week or two.

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  5. hey I'm growing an auto Narcotic kush along with a Blue OG. I'm interested to see how your NL turns out!

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