AUTOFLOWER look healthy??

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  1. Hi I have been growing this auto for around 8 weeks now about 4 of that it has been flowering however from very early on in flower it's started to yellow I have missed a couple waters but not too bad just wondering if she looks healthy for the stage it's at? First time growing autos
    Strain is power plant
    Lighting is a 125w CFL and a 50 watt led with a medium of canna terra pro plus with bio bizz nutes any help appreciated ta [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  2. You're lacking in good quality lighting. If you want a good yield - get a shitload of good light.
    For a comparison, these plants are 7 weeks from sprout with a lot of light.
    Flower 2 weeks.JPG
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    Sweet guys and I know it's not a light issue as I ran two photos off of it on my last and it did just fine I know more light is always better but it's not the issue! Anyhow thanks for replys will update closer to harvest

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