autoflower indoor then outdoor?

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    So to hold me over during this years grow I wana do some Afghan Kush Ryder... Would I be able to start these early to mid April indoors then move them outside mid-grow? would the dramatic change in hours of light cause too much stress? I would like to have the lights, while inside, on a 18/6. would it be a bad idea to have them on from 10pm - 4pm if they are going into a different schedule when outside? this would just make it that much easier for me to keep this undetected. im hoping to harvest end of may early June.

    plus are nutes/ferts as essential for autoflowers?
  2. you can do what ever your heart desires with a autoflower. i have 6 right now and four previous. they dont need any nutes and usually only take 8-9 weeks so if you started in mid april they would be ready for havest inmid june that type of sun would be great nothing is better than the sun. just ph balance water if thats all you wanna use. check out mine if you'd like. search autoflower... (5 assassins 1 blue himalaya) hope that helps.

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