Autoflower in cup?

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  1. Well I have a autoflower biodiesel mass seeds that just popped wondering if it would be better to plant directly in ground or put in small pot then transplant when the leaves show. :bongin:

  2. you can do whatever you prefer i would put it in a little pot and transplant when needed
  3. That wouldn't stress the plant cause I'm going to be moving her outside. Autoflowers finish very fast so less stress more success.
  4. is it in a cup now? and how big is it wait till its a little bigger is what i would do
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    The seeds popped, and the roots are getting long in the water Had it there like 32hours then it popped. Just wondering what's the best method since its an auto. What exactly would you do? It's not in any soil yet.

  6. put it in phd rock wool if you dont have that put it right in soil i usually put it in a small pot until 3rd or 4th leaf set and then transplant into the final pot
  7. IIght cool thx it popped through the soil this morning ill wait till it gets a lil bigger
  8. hey chris :wave: autoflowers have a very short life span, as you probably know.

    for this reason, any stress (transplant, nute burning, etc) greatly effects the yield.

    so its been recommended with autos, that they be planted directly in their final pot size.

    I recently tried an autoflower soil transplant. the plant stunted and never recovered.

    2-3 gal should be enough... but hey, the more room the roots have to expand...the more bud your gonna have up top :smoking:
  9. So should I move it out of the small cup now? Because it just popped through soil
  10. like, JUST?

    ..i mean.. have the leaves turned up to the light yet?

    well, what kinda pot do you have it in? another option would be to perforate your current container all over and place it inside a bigger the roots can grow out undisturbed into the larger container.

    but you gotta be real gentle with all manner of work.
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    By just, i mean like an hour ago. The leaves haven't turned up yet it still looks like a lil ball
  12. chiming in late, but for future reference there are biodegadeable flower pots you could start in, then plant entire pot into ground when it starts cracking. I get mine for free, just go to walmart home and garden, i take all the burpee pots that either have dead plants or empty. Always a nice freebiewhen i go for my perlite run.

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