Autoflower Hydroponic Grow - Plans

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  1. I want to run through my grow setup and get some opinions on it

    The plants

    - White Widow
    - Diesel Ryder
    - ?? A strain good for relaxation, a deep indica ??
    - To be decided

    The grow room

    - 4ft x 3ft growing area and 5ft tall
    - 600w HPS + MH
    - Individual Buckets with 6" net pots and air stone
    - Expanded clay for medium
    - 18-6 light cycle (possibly 20-4)


    - I'm going to flush the water every week and clean the inside of the pot every fortnight
    - I'm not sure what nutrients to use?
    - I'm still unsure on what plants to grow?
    - I'm aiming at around 50grams per plant, however it seems most people get around 30g per autoflowering plant [​IMG]

    Thankyou \t\t

    \t\t \t [​IMG]
  2. have you already bought the seeds? i personally wouldn't go with with autoflowers, i would spend the extra time and produce good yields of good medicine. i'm no autoflower expert but the ones i have grown haven't even been close to my regular strains in any category. smell/taste/high/bag appeal
  3. Sounds like a plan and with the newer Autos you will get more then 50grams most likely. The new autos that have been released recently are high yielders.

    I grow both photo and auto and love both. Always had great yields as well. Have fun!
  4. You should get some auto cheese and auto ak if you're using a 600w..nice yields and awesome smoke
  5. Go to in the Dutch Passion section and look at the Journals for DP's Think Different. Massive Autos. Some guys been getting like 5-10oz dried off them.
  6. Where can I buy these newer auto seeds? I'm from the UK :wave:

  7. Dutch Passion has a new amazing line up. Check out there forums and Dutch Passion actually runs one section. In particular look at the Think Different Strain.

    Paradise Seeds also just released some new Autos as well.

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