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  1. So recently I discovered the wonder that is autoflowering cannabis plants! I've done a lot of reading and they seem to be absolutely perfect for my situation. Fairly small plants and extremely fast production are exactly what I was looking for, plus they are now incorporating so many amazing strains into the autoflower gene that it seems to be a dream come true! With proper care, people are producing rather good yields as well as potent looking buds. I have never grown before and am greatly considering it now. I just have a few questions.

    1. I want to purchase feminized seeds from a reliable seller at a fair price. I have looked into many and have a few in mind, which would you suggest? Any input on personal preferences or issues you may have had with a company would be appreciated.

    2. I am planning on growing 1 to 4 plants at a time and I want to do a CFL grow. How many and what wattage bulbs should I use for this amount of plants? I know photoperiod does not matter with autoflowers, but what light schedule would you recommend? I'm thinking a 24/0 schedule as I have seen good results from this.

    3. I have done a fair amount of reading but when it comes to giving the plants nutes, I'm still fairly clueless. Any and all info you have on nutes would be great, such as preferred brands, feeding schedules, etc.

    4. I am planning on using a soil from Fox Farms as I've read many successful grow journals using their soils. What would you recommend?

    5. This is my last question and biggest concern - smell. How noticeable of a scent do autoflowering varieties produce? I know it varies from strain to strain. I'd assume since autoflowers are a bit smaller than normal plants they would produce less smell. How bad of an aroma would 1 plant produce? How about 4? My current situations allow me to grow, I just don't want the whole house to wreak of dank. If the plants were in a closed room with I don't know, maybe some glade plug ins or something, would the smell be noticeable throughout the house? I also plan on getting an apartment with my girlfriend this coming summer or fall. Would the smell from 1 to 4 plants (possibly 8 at that point in time) be too strong for growing in an apartment?

    I apologize for the lengthy thread, I just want to get as much info as I can before I start growing so I can make sure my plants produce as much as conditions allow, as well as good quality product.

    Your responses are greatly appreciated! :D

    Stay high :smoke:
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    Any response to any of these questions would be greatly appreciated
  3. 1. Go to attitude seed bank or somewhere like that.

    2. Get like 6 24 watt CFL's. 5500-6500k spectrum for vegging. 24/0 is fine. you can do 18/6 if you want to save energy.

    3. I use floragrow and florabloom nutes. Directions for use can be found all over GC and in no time on google.

    4. Fox Farm soil is the way to go no doubt. Stay away from any and all miracle grow products. Even nutes. They use the wrong kind of nitrogen.

    5. I have never grown an autoflower strain but smell can easily be killed by an air purifier with a charcoal or carbon filter.

    Hope that helps man.
  4. I too am planning an autoflowering grow.

    1 - So far I have been recommended Attitude Seed Bank - I have found a lot there. I am personally thinking Afghan Kush Ryder, and possibly Royal Dwarf 3 of each.

    2 - I am planning 6 as I mentioned. I was told 50 - 100W per plant. Not sure how accurate that is. However I am planning on buying a 200-400W HPS. I will also use the 18/6 schedule as I want to save power.
    You keep this on the whole way through their life cycle isnt that correct?

    3 - I am clueless too. I will keep a photo diary and post the condition on my plants every day here, and hope that people will guide me. Experience builder this one I think.

    4 - Im not sure where you are from. I am from the UK so I will be going with local soils here etc. Sorry. I have seen loads of American based guides on GC though.

    5 - I heard they smell just as bad. Carbon filter is the one solution, if you have the money you can build ozone generators etc.

    Good luck, and happy smoking.

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    My friend suggests the following:

    1. Fem seeds from Attitude = good

    2. Start seedlings with one (27000) 42 watt clf for 1 one week @ 24 lights on. Change to 18/6--Better to have lights off during mid day for two reasons: 1) heat control & 2) helps keep electric bill down. Then, 2 plants in small cabinet start with 6 (27000K) X 23 watt CFL for veg--flowering change to 8 (65000K) X 19watt CFL & 4 (65000K) x 23 watt CFL.

    3. DWC (Deep Water Culture) Hydro using Fox Farms-- Continually add proportional ammounts from week 1 through 1 week before harvest for no reservoir change (Like the idea Lucus formula is based on: not sure about this but my friend is a genius at this and has great results.) Last week run on clean water.

    4. What would you recommend for soil? Friend has only grown Hydro as it is easier to get rid of "dirty water" from "mopping" by pouring out on the lawn then explaining why you are disposing of dirt. Also, no space to continually "flush" the soil.

    5. Autoflowers, if grown well, are as stinky as the regular strains. 1 or 4 --the smell can be very strong, be prepared with proper "smell control". Use carbon filters & search for DIY ona bucket.

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