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  1.  Whats going on blades ?! 
    its been a while since ive posted anything ive been lurking around lol 
    i have a couple of grows under my belt , some good some bad. Now i have more knowledge of cannabis and attempted another grow . 
     I got some beans 3 fast bud #2 from sweet seeds , and 2 purple kush autos from buddha seeds. 
    I got my rock wool ready and germed my beans on may 2nd they sproued on the 5th. After 13 days i put them into tiny pots ( dont know the size ill post pics) and they have been in there for a month today  june 18th. 
    iam using cocogro mixed with perlite and Veg+bloom as my nutrient- i will post a feed chart along with pics of plants .
    OK heres my concern i dont think theyt are big enough for there age (44 days) i will soon transplant to 5 gallon smart pots but there drinking a little more than a half a cup of water every 2-3 days iam going to wait until i have to feed  every day. 
    Does anyone think my plants will grow big enough before there flowering cycle is over i was hoping for a  good 1.5-2 ozs each in 5 gallon pots under a 400w hps.

  2. if those plants are 44 days old youve fucked up bad my freind
  3.  fuck man i knew it diddnt seem right to me thanks for your input 
  4. autos should start budding after 2 or 3 weeks and be about a foot tall so somethin went wrong there. id just start over if i was u. thats really weird that their that small tho. what do u think could have caused it?
  5. ive only grown one auto before it was weird as well so i thought maybe it would do some magic all of a sudden i just transplanted them i think it was the small pots everything else is fine 
  6. Autos are different to photos. They should be started directly in their final container instead of small pots/solo cups for two reasons: 1) They require a lot of root space. 2) They don't do well with transplanting as it can easily stunt them. 
    At 44 days, those should be at least 3 times the size they are. I'm afraid it's too late to get the yield you want. However, since you have several of them (6 I think?) you can still save them to get a yield of about 2 healthy plants if you like, by transplanting into bigger containers using this way: cutting off the bottom of the cups and planting the cups into large containers, about third of the cups in the soil. This is called the tier transplant method. The tier method ensures you don't disturb the roots and stunt them further. You can of course transplant the regular way, but you'll have to be very careful not to disturb the roots. If I were you, I'd start over, unless you're short on time and don't mind a smaller yield.
  7. I see you've already transplanted them. Well, hopefully the previous post will help with future grows.
    thank you desert rose for the info i did not know that about autos ive grown 2 once before they were saved during a hurricane and had no light for 2 weeks fucked them up i finally got them in biugger pots and a t5 and pulled 14 gs off each one of some dank .. i already transplanted 3 into 5 gallon pots and the other 3 in 1 gallon bags i will be putting them outside i rather let the sun do the lighting then my wallet inless im getting 2 oz per plant better luck next time thank you for stopping in
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    them now .flowering room floor is being redone would it be a good idea to put them outdoors it hasnt really been summer like over here i only have a t5 that would not cover them very well
  10. I would definitely put them outdoors if you can. Your plants are too stunted for T5 lights. Plus, sunlight, whether it's summer or not produces better yield than any T5 light. With that small of a coverage, it probably wouldn't be worth it. So, yes, go with sunlight if you can. 
  11. desert i have just started to germ my last autos 3 purple kush and 1 NL i use coco and perlite about half half mix should i plant straight into a 5 gallon smart pot with coco perlite mix or use a rockwool then the final big pot ?
  12. Yea, with autos you shouldn't have waited 13 days to pot them, there's really no reason to wait that long with any mj plants. With autos your on a timer from day one, every day they don't have optimum growth is less yield. No way those will yield anything near 1.5oz, you will do lucky to get 10g each out of them. That far into the grow, transplanting probably won't help much if any.
    thanks for your input dude im just gunna let them go maybe i will take them out of the pots and put them in the ground i dont have many pots for my new seeds germing now . i was going to transplant when the coco took one day to dry to transplant I'm feeding them with veg+bloom at 460 ppm should i continue to do so ? i have some erthworm castings and bat guano and some organic soil i can put them in 
  14. Honestly, at 44 days if you try to transplant into soil you might as well toss them. Your only chance of getting anything at this point is to try to take care of them. Autos just do not like transplanting, period. I had a batch I had to transplant, ended up getting 8g each. The ones I started in 5g pots pulled 2oz average.

    I've never really messed with mj in pure coco, but good soil just seems much easier and more forgiving to me. I would have to do a few photo runs with coco and a consistent nutrient regiment before I tried with autos. You just can't afford setbacks with them because of the short limited veg time.

    I would have to differ the ppm question to a coco person. As a rule though, you can usually up nutes gradually and back off if you start to see burn. Your not going to really be able to compare schedules, as your plants aren't as developed and will have different requirements compared to other plants at the same age.
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    Im basically in the same boat I have super cheese auto which popped May 25th and only grew the first set of true leaves and never grew nothing after that. Im growing in Dwc though so I can see my roots and they are now just hitting the water I think I might toss her as well if I dont see and vertical growth within the next few days so she is like 3 weeks old and nothing is going on im so sad!
  17. i understand your pain man i think im gunna toss em i just dont know if its worth it . if i get 8gs a plant thats 40 grams for sitting in the sun you know ? but i can use the medium and pots for other projects i dont know im gunna wait a week and see if not I'm tossing them
  18. I feel you thats what im doing now setting up my back up I have grapefruit from postrionics in veg so I took a clone just in case 
  19. I'm a new grower that got a free Green Poison AUTO from Barney's. I transplanted it once (without any of the experience I have read here). She started flowering at 4 weeks (about 18") and has buds everywhere now at 7 weeks. Since it is my first grow I have no clue how much she will yield but I wish I had learned earlier about maximizing root room and minimizing stress.
  20. my new problem is i germed these seeds the other night and i forgot which one is the auto and which one is the blueberry widow fem should i put them both in big pots to ensure the auto lives.... i got a container for my auto its a 3 gallon pot i usually mark them but i forgot 

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