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  1. Hey guys this is my first grow (Northern Lights Autoflower) it's in the last week of flower and I've flushed the coco for almost 2 weeks now, I know my buds are a little airy but it'll be helpful if you people could give me some feedback on any improvements that could be made IMG_20190621_165031.jpg IMG_20190621_165050.jpg IMG_20190621_165330.jpg
  2. Looks ok to me...when did you start flushing though? I mean...had you checked on all your trichs etc?
    It looks like you *may* have done that a touch early.
    Have you added anything to it?

    Seems like you've got enough light (though...I'm not really a professional with these...)
    Howcum you've got a big ?fluoro? bulb in there too?

    There seems to be a bunch of bloom boosting products around, and guano/pot ash etc, that you add in the last few weeks of flowering that help chunk things up - looking into those would be a suggestion?
  3. I just looked at these bestva lights. There not very good, and What fertalizer was used if any. The Plant didn't make many tricombes and it needs a bit longer.
  4. How big of a space are you in? What bestiva light do you have exactly? I would say next time I would not start flush until plant looks at least as it does now. I am on my first run in coco but I dont think you need to flush till the week you are going to cut down. To be honest with you though man you got more weed on that thing than I have got out of my first 6 plants. So nice job :)
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  5. You guys's responses made me feel warm and fuzzy haha thanks guys, but yeah, the one LED bulb was dangling in there cuz i felt there wasn't enough light for them, i dont use guano or those kinda stuff just using the General Hydroponics flora gro series. To be honest i kinda guessed that i went to flush a tad bit too early and the trich production aint as stellar as i wished them to be... Thanks for the awesome feedback guys
  6. The Bestva lights im using currently is the 300W model, and a piece of advice is to get at least a 600W for even one plant due to the lost of its performance as time goes
  7. Unless you have a severe height restriction, select something other than auto flowering strains on your next grow. Not the best quality comes from auto flower strains.
    Enjoy your harvest and have fun growing.
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  8. From those pics you have at least two weeks left. I just did a few NL auto’s and got about 1.5-2 z per. I’d give it two more waterings w/nutes then straight ph’d water to finish. They look good but you did jump the gun. I think we’ve all done that. I was once told that during your first few grows, when you think you’re ready to flush, wait another two weeks.

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  9. Well you read my setup like a book amigo, I'm in a region where you're not supposed to grow hence the small tent, I did some low stress training to keep them at a suitable height, but I kinda messed that up haha
  10. In hindsight, I totally agree I got too excited, I think I'll do one watering with only cal mag (since I'm in coco and my sensi cal mags have a higher N composition) and another watering with full nutes then I'll flush all the way after.
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