Autoflower Grow Day 23

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  1. 5EB4C781-A419-4AF6-B2E7-CA403ECA806D.jpeg Second time around after 15 years off lol with it being legal in Canada now tried growing 4.
    Got 2 tangerine dream and 2 critical purple. TD supposed to be done in 70 days CP in 90

    They are about 23 days young. First 2 weeks they were really slow but have taken off last week

    I started them in peat pellets then right in to 5 gallon smart pots

    Made my own mix of:
    60% Promix HP with mychorozaie
    10% more perlite
    5% more vermiculite
    20% of worm castings and organic steer manure
    5% bone meal blood meal

    Straight rain water for first 2 weeks.
    PH 6.5-7.0

    Used a 1/4 teaspoon per 10L water of promix organic fertilizer starting last week

    How do they look? Only getting about 9-10 hours of full sun a day. I put them under hydrofarm grow light at night starting 10 days ago for extra pop. It seemed to work to wake them up.

    Starting to put off an odor already

    Happy growing

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  2. Make him see the sun in the morning. After 3 in the evening, it would be without the sun.
    They look amazing.
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  3. 09D9E996-9B13-4F6D-A07E-597ABEC0EAF4.jpeg 3D585CEA-C423-4A64-A0DE-705AE59B52C5.jpeg
    Update. Should I be thinking about topping an autoflower?
  4. 0E99AE8B-E3A8-42B7-B8C9-A33073F1452D.jpeg F3A1CC46-B87B-4A76-9991-73DFC974A21B.jpeg Crazy how fast they are going now. Starting to flower now

    Should I be trimming off the lower small branches now?
  5. They look good. Too late to top and would decrease yield. Leave all branches on. I just remove the super huge fan leaves blocking my top 4 bud sites.
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  6. A5837DEB-D4C2-49B1-8983-1BB5BC668AA4.jpeg

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  7. B33ABA35-F25F-4616-8D00-9BAABB9689BC.jpeg

    What should I expect for yield do you think with them looking like this. Seems to be flowering slowly. About 9 days into flowering
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  8. the first 2 weeks of flower in autos and photo plants does seem slow starting after 3rd week they will really switch gears and they gain size notably through the middle to end of flower its abit too early to guess yield yet but wont be long before your at that stage they look great btw doing a cracking job bro good luck :)
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  9. Thanks. Not sure if it was more beneficial for yield the small bushier one or the taller ones. It’s weird because the back 2 are TD (left) and CP right and the front left is TD.
    Unless i mixed up at birth lol but I put a toothpick in the CP ones as they were supposed to be a 90 day life plant. The bushier one hasn’t even started to flower yet. No signs of hairs yet.

    Should I be trimming off the big fan leaves for more light? Or since they are tall and have lots of air flow to leave them
  10. im all for defol but not too much and only if there blocking tops a more bushy type plant will always benefit from a little defol but the beauty about autos is no matter what breeders say they flower when they like lol
  11. 5CE4F8B8-D614-4C19-85E4-E1CFA8A21B8E.jpeg 32085E9F-A31B-4A7E-BCAB-AE18A16BB27D.jpeg

    Day 43

    Tallest one is 40”+ now. Guess I’m doing something right.
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  12. Lovely looking plants
  13. Day 50

    Not sure why one of them hasn’t even started to flower yet.


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    All 3 that are flowering look to be same strain. Bushy one hasn’t flowered yet and also looks to be more indica dominant strain.

    Tallest one is 48”

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